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Biblical and Religious Studies  

To our current students:

We're absolutely delighted that you are a part of or considering to be a part of our family within the wider family that makes up Grove City College.  We work hard in the Religion Department but we also have a very enjoyable time as well!  If you come by our main suite in HAL (HAL 321), you indeed might find deep discussion -- at other times however you'll find a good deal of laughter.

Students majors and minors in Religion/Christian Thought (as well as any GCC student) are encouraged to get to know all the professors in the Department.  We all have very regular office hours and are often around our offices at other times as well.  We want you to feel free to come and talk about issues or simply stop for a pleasant chat.

Each student who has declared Christian Thought as his or her Primary or First Major will of course have a Department member as an advisor.  This advisor will help you decide courses and timing for courses in both the major itself as well your General Education program during your four years at the College.  Naturally, you should also feel free to go to another professor to talk about a course he or she teaches in the Department about which you are interested.

Below, you will find a link for the Status Sheets for the Christian Thought major below.  In terms of fulfilling the particular requirements, talk to your advisor OR if you are not a major now but considering it, please talk to Dr. Schaefer, the Chair of the Department about all the Department has to offer.

A minor is any six courses, or 18 credit hours, that have the designations RELI (Religion), GREK (Greek), and HEBR (Hebrew).  We encourage minors to think through  program that best suits their particular needs or desires (language focus, Biblical studies focus, or theology focus) and to come and talk with one of us about a good program.

We have two other programs to note, both of which are described in the Grove City College Bulletin.  The first is the Christian Ministries Auxiliary (more about that if you link to "Why Study Religion?") and the second is an interdisciplinary minor in Classics.  For more information about the Auxiliary contact Dr. Randy Stringer and for more on the Classics minor contact Dr. Paul Schaefer.


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