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Why Study Religion?

Study religion or as they call it at Grove City College ... Christian Thought?  Why?  Maybe those going to seminary might think of such a thing but what about the average ordinary committed Christian?

We are actually excited about our program for any and all students at the College.  Some Colleges and Universities have a Religion or Religious Studies program that focuses on the "phenomenon" of religion itself -- the comparison of different religions, the psychology of religion, the sociology of religion, the philosophy of religion, and the like.  While GCC has classes like this, in our Religion Department, we orient the focus of our major around a Biblical-Theistic worldview and the implications of this for our lives.

In fact, that's why we call it Christian Thought.  Students study Biblical, Church Historical, and Theological issues in the classes we offer.  We desire to challenge both students and professors to refine views by valuing analytical, contextual, and logical thinking with the Scriptures as the final authority.

In terms of design, therefore, we have three types of student in mind:

  1. Students who simply want to study Christian Thought with a desire to be enabled to become more effective in whatever vocation to which they are called.  Many students in this category actually like taking Christian Thought as a second major with a first major in fields such as Business, Communication, English, History, Psychology, Sociology, and others.

  2. Students going into professional ministry positions right out of college (non-seminary bound) -- positions in para-church ministries, mission agencies, and churches.  Students get more grounded in the faith and thus get equipped to teach in such situations.

  3. Students planning on seminary take this major, although we also encourage them to look into possibilities like Communication, English, History, Psychology, or Sociology.  Such students desire to gain a handle on basic skills while developing solid critical thinking skills.  While the Department encourages all students to take classes in the Biblical languages, Hebrew and Greek, we especially deem it important that pre-seminarians do so.  Taking at least if not both of the languages during College will make Seminary a much more enjoyable learning and training experience.

So, we hope that you will think about how a Christian Thought major at Grove City College could help you have a center in Christ for all of life's adventures.


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