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This page is meant to aid current and prospective students of Sociology to make future plans. Here you will find information on possible careers in sociology, along with information on attending graduate school.


Career Information

Since re-introducing the major in 1998, we have seen our majors go on to many exciting careers, both without first attending graduate school, or following the latter.  Here are just some of the jobs our graduates have obtained:  youth pastor, family social worker, school counselor, medical social worker, adoption services caseworker, nursing home administrator, social researcher (lobbying group, national organization promoting sound marriages, and more), college professor, corporate buyer, missionary, delinquency counselor, police officer, military officer, software entrepreneur, city councilman.  The link below is invaluable in providing practical help and ideas for those wishing to pursue a career with a BA in Sociology without attending graduate school.


American Sociological Association: Careers in Sociology



Graduate School Information

The Sociology major was only re-introduced at Grove City College in late 1998.  Obviously, beyond that it took some time before the program began graduating majors in large numbers.  Despite that, in the past ten years we have seen many of our majors go off to fine graduate programs, not only in Sociology, but in areas such as Social Work, Seminary, and various helping professions such as rehabilitation and school counseling.  Graduate schools our majors have attended include (but are not limited to): University of Notre Dame, University of Virginia, University of Pittsburgh, Case Western Reserve, Purdue University, Lehigh University, Colorado State University, the University of Maryland, Reformed Theological Seminary, and University of Central Florida.


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