Helpful Resources for Planning Your ICO Trip





These websites have helpful information in preparing for your trip. Trip leaders and participants are strongly encouraged to read over this information.

Centers for Disease Control & Prevention-Travelers' Health page

This site includes information on recommended vaccinations for several countries throughout the world as well as information as to where one can receive these vaccinations. It is highly recommended that students receive the vaccinations and/or disease prevention medications recommended for their travel destination.

Global Road Warrior

This site has helpful facts and information about the culture, demographics, currency, transportation options, and climate for most countries of the world. The information on the site is especially helpful in orienting your team to important information about the country to which you are traveling.


US State Department-Registration with Embassies

This site directs you as to how to register at the US Embasssy or Consulate in the country you will be traveling to during your trip. Registering with the US State Dept. is highly recommended as registration makes your team's presence and whereabouts within the country known, in case it is necessary for a US consular officer to contact you in an emergency. This is especially important if there is a disaster or emergency overseas as a US consular officer can assist in evacuation, if this becomes necessary.


US State Department-International Travel Information

This site provides very helpful country specific information as well as travel warnings and alerts for countries. Please note that if the US State Department lists a country as a Travel Alert, members of the Student Life & Learning and Office of International Education staffs will meet with trip leaders. If a country is placed on a Travel Warning, students will not be permitted to travel to that country and the trip will be cancelled.


US State Department-Passport Information

This site provides helpful information about applying for a passport as well as renewing a passport.




If you have questions on any of this information, please contact Devi Wintrode, Director of Campus Ministries.


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