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ICO trip leaders have a great responsibility and privilege in leading ICO trips. Leaders are responsible for communicating with the host ministry site, making travel, lodging, & meal arrangements, disseminating information to trip participants, managing the finances related to trip costs, preparing trip participants both spiritually and mentally for the trip, turning in all necessary paperwork to the Campus Ministries Office, and making decisions while at the ministry site. Because such a position of leadership has many responsibilities, Grove City College requires that all trip leaders go through certain training sessions to prepare leaders spiritually, mentally, and emotionally.

Training for Trip Leaders

Leadership Preparation

Spiritual Preparation

Emergency Procedures & Cultural Sensitivity


February 1, 2013:

February 15, 2013:

  Leaders should first collect paperwork from entire team and then submit all team paperwork at one time to Devi.

Please Note: Those students who do not complete and turn in all of the required paperwork will not be permitted to participate on the trip.

*These forms are all accessible on this website.



These training sessions are mandatory for all trip leaders.


By dates set below, leaders will need to submit the following to Devi:














Thinking of leading a trip?

The deadline for submitting a proposal to lead an Easter break trip in the 2012-13 school year is December 3, 2012. Please contact Devi Wintrode, Director of Campus Ministries, to discuss leading a trip and get helpful information for planning your trip.


If you have questions on any of this information, please contact Devi Wintrode, Director of Campus Ministries.   

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