ICO Trip Participant Information

ICO Trip Participant Information


All students interested in participating in an ICO trip should first talk with the leaders of the particular ICO in which they are interested. The leader of that trip will likely want to interview each student to learn more about him or her, and then pray in order to put together a team that will best serve the Lord.

Please click here to read ICO Program Policies and Participant Responsibilities before committing to a trip.

If selected for an ICO team, the leader of that team will inform you that you are invited to participate. If you are invited, you should fill out a participant application for your specific trip site by logging into myGCC and going to the Sign-Up tab. Here you will find an ICO Application. You should fill in all of the information on this application as well as be prepared to upload a scan of your medical insurance card and, for international trips, a scan of your passport and proof of vaccinations.

There are also important documents that each trip participant must turn in to participate on an ICO trip. Please click on the links below to download the necessary documents. Once completed, these documents should be given to your trip leader(s) who will then turn in the paperwork for the entire team. Failure to turn in required paperwork will result in students not being able to participate on a trip.

Trip participants are responsible for completing and turning in the following documents.

Those participants who do not complete and turn in all of the below documents will not be permitted to participate on an ICO trip.

1. Student Release

2. Student Waiver (this form must be signed by a parent or guardian)

3. Parental Joinder & Consent Form (this form must be signed by a parent or guardian)


Please see the Helpful Resources page for important information to consider when preparing for your trip.

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If you have questions on any of this information, please contact Devi Wintrode, Director of Campus Ministries.



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