Trip Planning Tips




Below are some suggestions to consider while planning your ICO trip. The samples included are provided as a starting point and should be modified to fit your individual trip needs.


    Phone Tree for Parents

Establishing a phone tree for parents is helpful in communicating important information to families quickly while a student group is travelling. Students should have a plan of communication with all parents so that parents are informed that a group arrives safety at their destination as well as returns safely. Below is a sample phone tree template that can be adjusted to fit each team's needs.

Click here to view a Sample Phone Tree

 Support Letters

Support letters are often used to inform family and friends about a missions opportunity as well as ask these people for prayer and monetary support. Support letters should include relevant information about your missions trip--where you will be serving, the dates you will be on the trip, the ministry work in which you will be involved,  the amount of money that each individual is responsible for raising, and prayer requests for you and your team. Below are some sample support letters to help you write your own letter.

  Click here to view a Sample Support Letter


If you have questions on any of this information, please contact Devi Wintrode, Director of Campus Ministries.


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