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Internship Application

Beginning the internship application process:
Seek assistance from the internship coordinator, your advisor and sponsor.

  • The internship coordinator will help determine if if the proposed internship qualifies for internship credit and will provide needed assistance during the internship process. The coordinator may assign a faculty sponsor or suggest that you select one yourself. To find the coordinator, refer to the Department links or to the Coordinator List link.

  • Your advisor will help determine how the internship credits will affect your progress toward meeting graduation requirements.

  • Your sponsor will oversee your internship. He/she is either chosen by you or assigned by the coordinator.  Generally, this is a person who teaches topics that are related to the experiences you will have during the internship.

Completing the internship application process:

Internship Application Form

The application form has several sections.  Please thoroughly review and fill-out all required information. If your internship department has additional and/or replacement forms, please attach them as well.

  •  Registration Fields, Background/Personal Data

  •  Work that is required to earn Credits and Communication Methods is a collaborative effort with your sponsor. Please provide a detailed summary of your duties, goals, and objectives. Work with your sponsor to determine the grade assessment products, and establish a communication plan with between you and your sponsor, and the sponsor and the host organization.

  •  General Description of the Internship Position: This section will be completed by the organization (usually your on-site supervisor) where you will perform the internship.  The internship application will not approved without completing this section. In addition, make sure that your on-site supervisor is given a copy of the Host Site Guidelines.

  •  Release of All Claims: This is a legal form that essentially says that you agree no to sue the College if you have a problem with the internship. Please carefully read the form. This form is filled out in the presence of a witness who will verify that you were the person who signed it.

  •  Parental-Guardian Joinder & Consent: This form serves a similar purpose to the Release of All Claims from, but is from the perspective of your parents and guardian. Please make sure your parents or your guardian carefully read the form. Your parents or your guardian will fill out this form in the presence of a witness who will verify that your parents or guardian were the persons who signed the form.

  • Once the application is completed, make sure that first your advisor, then your sponsor, and finally the department coordinator gives his/her approval by signing the form.  If the internship is outside the continental United States, then secure a signature from the Office of International Education as well. The original copy of the internship application is submitted to the Registrar's Office.  The department coordinator may ask you to make one or more copies of the internship application for his/her departmental filing. Please make sure your application is submitted on or before the start of your internship experience. Work hours earned towards the internship experience do not begin until the application is approved by the Registrar's Office.

  • On-Site Supervisor Evaluation Form: Make sure that you give a copy of this form to your on-site supervisor who will evaluate your performance and verify the internship hours logged. The form is to be returned directly to your GCC faculty sponsor, so make sure that your sponsor's mailing or email address is included.


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