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Coordinator & Sponsor Guidelines

Faculty Coordinators
The faculty coordinator determines if the internship experience is worthy of receiving academic credit and also determines if the student has the appropriate academic qualifications, interest, and skills to pursue an internship experience.  The faculty coordinator appoints the faculty sponsor for the internship experience, and monitors the status of all internships in their academic department.

 The faculty coordinator’s responsibilities are:

  • Evaluate the quality and value of the internship opportunity and advise the student whether or not to proceed.

  • Determine if the student meets departmental standards and requirements.

  • Ascertain if the student has an interest and expertise appropriate to the internship.

  • Assist the student in the internship registration process.

  • Finalize all paperwork required for the internship experience.

  • Monitor the status of all internships assigned to their academic department.

Faculty Sponsors
Faculty sponsors are assigned by the internship coordinator based on student requests, the number of internships assigned, and the particular expertise of the sponsor with the internship experience. The faculty sponsor is the primary point of contact between Grove City College, the student, and the host organization.     

 The faculty sponsor’s responsibilities are:

  • Assist the student in the internship registration process.

  • Clarify the academic work required and how the student will be graded.  Explain assignments, deadlines, etc.

  • Establish a contact schedule with the student.  There should be periodic contacts with the intern throughout the internship experience.

  • Establish a contact schedule with the onsite supervisor.  There should be periodic contacts with the onsite supervisor to see how the internship is faring.

  • Establish a timeline to review weekly logs, if ones are assigned.

  • Establish a timeline and a checklist for the research paper, if one is assigned.

  • Establish a checklist that documents all your contacts with the student and the on-site supervisor.

  • Monitor the intern’s credit-earning hours as determined on the internship application.

  • Establish an exit meeting time to discuss the final grade assignment.

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