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Welcome to Internship Central!!      

Grove City College recognizes that internships are an asset in job preparation, job placement, career planning, and providing a better understanding of your major. Practical experience in the workplace is not only an education in itself; it is also increasingly demanded by potential employers in today's marketplace. Students need the opportunity to take advantage of the education, practical experience, and resume potential which only internships can provide. An extensive variety of internship opportunities, therefore, are provided across the curriculum, and all eligible students are encouraged to participate in them whenever possible.


Individual internship experiences may range between one to six credit hours. Students must work a minimum of 60 hours for each credit earned, and some departments may require more for each credit. Students should contact the department coordinator for specific working hour requirements. Departmental internships are available for a wide variety of majors and are listed in the course descriptions under the number "480." The Washington Internship Program requirements are outlined below.


Internships must be approved and registered prior to the start of the experience. An internship fee will be charged for each internship experience on a per-semester basis. If the internship is registered during a fall or spring semester, the internship credits will count toward a student's part-time or full-time status and tuition will be charged accordingly in addition to the internshp fee. If the internship credit hours extend the total semester's credit hours over 17 for a fall or spring semester, there will be no "over 17 credits" fee incurred. The Washington Internship Program has a different fee structure which is outlined below.


While students may do internships purely for the purpose of gaining experience and not for academic credit, the College can certify only those internships done for academic credit under the established programs and guidelines. A maximum of six hours of internship credit may be used toward graduation requirements.


The College does not grant internship credit for any experience in which a student is paid by the federal government, for whatever reason. Conversely, if credit is granted by the College for an internship, then a federal stipend may not be accepted by the student. In no situation may a student accept federal money related to participation in an internship and receive academic credit, as this is prohibited by College policy.


Washington Internship Program

The Grove City College Washington Internship Program provides students from any academic major practical experience working in Washington D.C. while earning credit for graduation. The program is available to qualified juniors and seniors and counts for twelve credit hours for either the fall or spring semester. A student may also earn up to three credit hours of independent study in the fall/spring concurrent with his/her Washington D.C. experience, but not as a substitute for an on-campus course offering.


Students enrolled in POLS 481 (Washington Internship) will be required to complete a major research paper and an Internship Folder. The paper should review professional literature appropriate to the intern's area of specialization and comment on the extent to which research activities undertaken on the job reflect the state of knowledge treated in this review. The Internship Folder comprises policy briefs of presentations made by speakers at seminars, public hearings, congressional meetings, White House announcements, and other official occasions in which public policy statements and discussions take place. At least fourteen policy briefs are assigned each semester. Interns maintain a log of activities at their place of work and retain copies of documents illustrating research efforts and other assignments requested by their supervisors.


For students participating in the Washington Internship Program, tuition during the fall and spring semesters is the same as that charged for a full-time semester of study at Grove City College. Interns are responsible for securing their own housing in Washington D.C. and costs may vary. All inquiries about application forms, deadlines, letters of recommendation, and other matters related to this program should be directed to the Political Science Department Chair.


The Internship Registration Process:
Follow the steps below to learn more about the GCC internship process and to register for internship credit.

  • Review your academic internship department link on the left for specific information and requirements that may be unique for that department.

  • GCC Internship Guidelines - Determine if you are eligible to earn credit, and guidelines to help you determine if a proposed internship is likely to be eligible for credit.

  • Student Performance Guidelines - General personal and professional work responsibility guidelines that should be followed throughout the internship.

  • After reviewing the academic department link and the above guidelines, proceed to the Application Process link on the left.

The internship fee is $300.  Other tuition and expenses may be found at the Registrar's website.

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