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GCC Media Services provides select audio and video recording services to the campus community.  Requests should be made several weeks prior to any event, and can be generated online via the Campus Event & Resource Scheduling website or through the campus events coordinator, Patty Priester. 

Once a resource request is entered into the electronic system, Media Services will work to provide the appropriate staffing and equipment, as available.  We reserve the right to refuse last-minute requests made less than one week from an event or when insufficient business/academic justification is offered. 

Our trained videographers currently operate professional cameras, capturing on both Mini-DV tapes and digital hard drives.  All videos are shot in widescreen HD formats.  This media can be imported into our computers and converted to various formats.  Written approval MUST obtained from speakers prior to the commencement of any taping. 

Use of recording equipment and operator services will be provided at a reasonable cost to campus constituents subject only to the availability of the requested item(s). 

Videorecording and Post-Production Request Form

Limited License Agreement Form



GCC Media Services offers limited media dubbing and duplication services for College-related business.  Commonly handled requests include creating batch orders of CDs or DVDs, and dubbing VHS tapes to DVD format, subject to all legal and copyright restrictions.  Requestors will be charged basic fees for any blank media and duplication/printing to cover the cost of the supplies and equipment. 

Our basic duplication service entails making exact copies of your master(s). Due to the nature of analog media, we cannot guarantee the quality of any duplication made to and/or from analog audio/video media such as VHS, audio cassette, etc.  Also, copies from one digital format (such as Mini DV) to another will only be as good as the master you provide.

We will attempt to duplicate the master(s) you provide. However, due to various speeds and configurations of media, we cannot guarantee that the duplication can be completed. Due to the fragile nature of most media, we cannot be held responsible for any damage done to any master while attempting to perform a duplication.


GCC Media Services currently streams media (archived and select live events) via Livestream.  This website provides various pages with links for users to access all such media from a broadband internet connection, both on campus and off.  Due to copyright or permission restrictions, some media may be accessible only from on campus. 


GCC Media Services offers basic video editing services using Adobe's professional software.  Turnaround time can vary from several business days to several weeks, depending upon the extent of editing requested and the amount of concurrent video projects.  Please contact us if you have any questions regarding an upcoming editing project. 

Videorecording and Post-Production Request Form


Media Services houses, circulates, and maintains a limited pool of equipment to support academic instruction and College-related business on campus.  The equipment can be scheduled/reserved by the Media Services staff in the lower level of the library.  Please try to contact us well in advance of your anticipated equipment need date.



For on-campus work opportunities, Media Services currently hires and manages students in two areas: Media Services Student Technicians (see below) and PFAC Ketler Auditorium Technicians.  The MS Techs receive pre-semester technical training to help cover campus events and activities.  Common tasks range from running sound boards to videotaping lectures to supporting classroom projection and media needs.  The  PFAC Ketler Auditorium Technicians are a specialized group of students who work primarily in the PFAC or Pew Fine Arts Center, whose skill set is more specialized in areas of lighting & sound.  Announcements are made to the student body via myGCC whenever there are job openings in either area; typically we accept applications in March, schedule interviews and shadowing opportunities in April, and make all hiring decisions in May for employment in the following academic year.  Please contact the Student Employment Office for more information on applying for a variety of other campus jobs. 


Media Services is responsible for all campus multimedia needs, including technical and audio/visual services.  Below are some of our many student employment opportunities:  

         providing technical assistance at campus events
         running sound and video overflow for chapel services
         doing classroom AV support for faculty
         videorecording lectures
         facilitating dance equipment setup/teardown
         web-based media (streaming audio/video, e.g.)
         editing and producing videorecordings
         keeping office hours and assisting with numerous department projects
         working special events and select summer conferences (if you live locally)  

On-site (pre-semester) training is provided to all student technicians.  Some of these duties offer a set recurring schedule every week, while others are assigned each month based on the upcoming work opportunities and your availability. 

Applications - two types of technical campus jobs:

MEDIA SERVICES TECHNICIANS - It’s multimedia, sound, lights, camera… action with Media Services!  Tech-savvy student leaders provide a host of AV services for chapels, coffeehouses, dances, recorded lectures, etc.  Previous AV experience is encouraged but not required for all roles; on-site training will be provided.  Click HERE to download an application for the 2015-2016 year.  Select interviews and shadowing opportunities will occur in April 2015.  Additional questions may be directed to mediaservices@gcc.edu.



Media Services provides technical support for all campus multi-media classrooms.  Faculty or staff who teach in a media room who require technical assistance should contact x4050. 


Media Services staff will work one-on-one with employees who wish to use media rooms.  Please contact us well in advance of your anticipated need, and we will schedule a time to train you on the usage of those rooms. 


We supply batteries for media rooms and technology throughout the campus.  When placing an order, please specify the location for this need and the quantity of supplies requested.  We maintain a limited stock of supplies for immediate replacement needs; larger orders take several weeks to process. 


Please report all repair issues to x4050 or mediaservices@gcc.edu.  A service ticket will be created and one of our staff members will attend to the issue immediately. 

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