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Lectures & Events - Fall 2007

Date(s): Sponsor(s): Title:
09/04/07 Visionary Entrepreneurship Lecture Series Babs Carryer - "Invention to Customer"
09/11/07 Center for Vision & Values Joseph Loconte - "James Madison & the Temptation of Terror"
09/11/07 Center for Vision & Values Joseph Loconte - "J.R.R. Tolkien's Moral Vision"
09/12/07 Visionary Entrepreneurship Lecture Series Debra Dinnocenzo - "Leadership in the Virtual Workplace"
09/20/07 Political Science Dept County Commissioner Debate
09/20/07 Visionary Entrepreneurship Lecture Series Mike Stubler, Tom Jones, Steve Robinson
Venture  Capital Panel
09/24/07 Provost's Office Humanities Lecture Series
09/24/07 Alpha Mu Gamma Study Abroad
09/25/07 Center for Vision & Values Dr. Michael Kazin - "Gospel of William Jennings Bryan"
09/26/07 Visionary Entrepreneurship Lecture Series Xela Bachelder - "The Sart-up Experience with Social Enterprise"
10/05/07 Alumni Department 43rd Jack Kennedy Memorial Alumni Achievement Awards
10/10/07 Center for Vision & Values Lisa Thompson & Patricia Green - "The Sexual Gulag: Understanding and Recognizing Sexual Trafficking"
10/15/07 Center for Vision & Values Steven W. Mosher - "China's One-Child Policy"
10/24/07 Albert A. Hopeman Jr. Memorial Lecture Thomas J. Usher - "Engineering for Wealth Creation"
10/30/07 Music and Humanities Dr. Joshua Drake - "Allegory & Abstraction In Nate's Mucha's Seven Deadly Sins"
11/02/07 Economics Dept Dr. Mark Thornton - "Predicting Booms & Busts" (Austrian Student Scholars Conference)
11/03/07 Economics Dept Dr. Thomas DiLorenzo - "Hamilton's Curse" (Austrian Student Scholars Conference)
11/10/07 Grove City Borough Council Graham Veterans Bridge Ceremony
11/15/07 Entrepreneurship Dept Elevator Pitch Competition
12/03/07 Music Department / Development Office Carnegie Christmas Concerts
12/04/07 Two Books Club Two Books Lecture
12/09/07 Harbison Chapel Christmas Candlelight Service
12/18/07 Center for Vision & Values Dr. Charles Kesler - The Significance of the Declaration:
Inspiring Independence at Home and Abroad


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