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Volume 4


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2012-2013 Staff List

Julia L. Haines


Connor J. Baer

Executive Articles Editor

Chesterton J. Cobb

Executive Articles Editor

Kristie L. Eshelman

Executive Content Editor

Kelsey J. Kobil

Executive Style Editor

Claire E. Healey

Executive Style Editor

Noelle J. Huffman

Executive Administrative Editor

Nicholas M. Freiling

Senior Editor

Daniel L. Pugh

Junior Editor

Deanna S. Steffy

Executive Production Editor

Chadwyck C. Cobb

Executive Production Editor

Kara E. Wilson

Deputy Administrative Editor


Editor's Preface

Julia L. Haines


Kevin A. Hoffman

Sorrel v. IMS Health, Inc.

Brandon M. Herring

Kyllo v. The United States: Innovative or Originalist?

Kristie L. Eshelman

Patents and Innnovation in the Pharmecutical Industry

Kyle A. Marchini

Age and Equality for the Establishment Clause

Samuel M. Williams

The Ambiguous Role of PGD in Society: An analysis of preimplantation genetic diagnosis policy and its public perception

Catherine K. Ettman