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Volume 5


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2013-2014 Staff List

Julia L. Haines


Chesterton J. Cobb

Executive Articles Editor

Melissa G. Eswein

Deputy Administrative Editor

Kyle A. Marchini

Executive Content Editor

Claire E. Healey

Executive Style Editor

James L. Plante

Associate Production Editor

Kayla A. Murrish

Director of Donor Relations

Nathan A. Snyder


Claire A. W. Vetter

Executive Administrative Editor

Daniel L. Pugh

Senior Editor

Justin M. Bullock

Junior Editor

Chadwyck Cobb

Executive Production Editor

Nathaniel S. Helfer

Director of Intercollegiate Marketing

Miguel Valentin

Director of Intercollegiate Marketing

David J. Weix

Associate Marketing Director

Christine Mikhael

Associate Citations Editor


Editor's Preface

Julia L. Haines


Richard G. Jewell

Women on Corporate Boards: Non-Quota Initiatives to Increasing Board Gender Diversity in the U.S.

Stephanie N. Shetler

Chandler v. Florida Inovative or Originalist?

Peter J. Garthwaite

To Boldly Go: International Space Law and the Expansion of Res Communis Doctrine

John S. Ehrett

Subjectivity and the American Court: an Analysis of Roper v. Simmons

Benjamin P. Leavitt

Schenck v. United States: A Clear and Present Danger to the First Amendment

Bethany M. Dzielski

Jus Cogens: International Peremptory Norms

Samuel J. Johnson