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Volume 6


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2014-2015 Staff List

Claire A. W. Vetter


Chesterton J. Cobb

Executive Articles Editor

Elijah L. Coryell

Executive Articles Editor

Josiah D. Vehrs

Executive Content Editor

Michael J. Spaid

Director of Marketing

David J. Weix

Director of Marketing

Christine Mikhael

Executive Administrative Editor

Justin M. Bullock

Senior Editor

Samuel S. Erk

Junior Editor

Kayla A. Murrish

Director of Donor Relations

James L. Plante

Executive Production Editor

Nathan Snyder



Editor's Preface

Claire A. W. Vetter '15


Paul J. McNulty '80, J.D.

The Supreme Court Crafts a Pro-Religious Liberty Decision in Hobby Lobby

Steven H. Aden, Esq.

Legislative Term Limits: Friend or Foe?

Deanna Wallace

Christian Legal Society v. Martinez

Kayla Murrish '15

The Myth of Janus: Free Markets, Fusionism, and the Republican Party

Caleb Wolanek