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Volume 7


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2015-2016 Staff List

Elijah L. Coryell


Travis J. Royer

Executive Articles Editor

Celeste K. Anderson

Executive Articles Editor

Jonathan R. Nelson

Executive Content Editor

Allison E. Bimber

Executive Style Editor

David J. Weix

Director of Marketing

Christine Mikhael

Executive Administrative Editor

Cassandra E. Rummel

Executive Administrative Editor

Samuel S. Erk

Senior Editor

Josiah D. Vehrs

Junior Editor

Karen L. Postpupac

Executive Production Editor

Christopher D. Devault

Executive Production Editor


Editor's Preface

Elijah Coryell '15


Paul J. McNulty '80, J.D.

Internet Neutrality and the Federal Communications Commission

Kyle Jorstad '17

Social Meaning: Making Sense of the Court's Establishment Clause Doctrine

Rachel S. Landsman

The Substance of Substantive Due Process

Ian Jones '18

Cleansing the Constitution: The Duty of Officeholders in the Antebellum Period

Joshua Craddock

Kolbe v. Hogan

Timothy Ososkie '16