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Volume 8


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2016-2017 Staff List

Christine X. Mikhael


Celeste K. Anderson

Executive Articles Editor

Joshua W. Barham

Executive Articles Editor

Ian R. Worrel

Executive Content Editor

Jennifer E. Montazzoli

Executive Style Editor

Cassandra E. Rummel

Executive Administrative Editor

Lindsey A. Schulenburg

Executive Administrative Editor

Josiah D. Vehrs

Senior Editor

Ian N. Jones

Junior Editor

David J. Weix

Director of Marketing

Karen L. Postupac

Executive Production Editor

2016-2017 Associate Editors

Zechariah J. Voell

Noah C. Gould

Falco A. Muscante II

Kyle T. Jorstad

Collin J. Freyvogel

Benjamin T. Hutchison

Jennifer M. Wingard

Grant A. Wishard

Bethany A. Wilson

Kevin D. Kaufman

Harrison K. Zelt

Joel T. Kearney

Allison E. Bimber

Ethan J. Fry

Samuel D. Leach

Josiah A. Aden

Rio A. Arias


Editor's Preface

Christine Mikhael '17


Dr. Caleb A. Verbois

Save Our Girls: An Analysis of Methods to Preclude Sex-Selective Abortion in the United States

Alex Brown '13

Private Speech On Government Property: Does the First Amendment Apply to Specialty License Plates

Sarah Child

Live Oak Brewing Co., LLC, et al. v. TABC, et al.

Zach Voell '17

"As If God Has Spoken"

Daniel Munson

The Electoral College, Democracy, and the Constitution: An Argument for the Founder's Intent

Sarah Gubbs '17