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Volume 9


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2017-2018 Staff List

Ian N. Jones


Joshua W. Barham

Executive Articles Editor

Christopher R. Ostertag

Deputy Articles Editor

Falco A. Muscante II

Executive Content Editor

Jennifer E. Montazzoli

Style Editor

Lindsey S. Schulenburg

Executive Administrative Editor

Micah S. Quigley

Senior Editor

Carolyn A. Hartwick

Junior Editor

Josiah A. Aden

Citations Editor

Miriam R. Tan

Executive Production Editor


Editor's Preface

Falco A. Muscante II


Dr. Caleb A. Verbois

Lincoln's Executive Prerogative and Constitutionality: The President's Actions Justified

Ben Hutchison '18

Toward a Federalist Middle Ground

Samuel Leach '17

Congress, Diversion, and the Court: An Analysis

Micah Quigley '18

Compact Theory and Modern Nullification

Luke Leone '18

War Powers

Deanna J. (Roepke '18) Longjohn