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Volume 10


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2018-2019 Staff List

Falco A. Muscante II '20


Emma N. Nitzsche '20

Executive Articles Editor

Chrisopher R. Ostertag '20

Deputy Articles Editor

David S. Hutchison '21

Executive Content Editor

Zachary F. Poplawski '19

Executive Style Editor

Josiah A. Aden '19

Executive Administrative Editor

Carolyn T. A. Hartwick '19

Senior Editor

Christopher R. Ostertag '20

Junior Editor

Stafanie B. Klaves '21

Executive Citations Editor

Philip E. St.Jean '20

Executive Production Editor
Director of Marketing


Editor's Preface

Falco A. Muscante II '20


Dr. Paul Kengor

Passions, Politics and the Removal of a President: Lessons Learned from the Impeachment of President Clinton

The Honorable Paul J. McNulty '80, J.D.

Liberalism, Stability and Profit The Political Economy of Autocratic Legislation

Tegan Truitt '21

The Modern American Presidency: How the Executive Branch has Changed

Tyler Gustafson '20

Affirming the Court's Decision in: Regents of California v. Bakke

Esther J. Winne

Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017: Success or Faiure?

Richard W. Snyder, J.D., L.L.M.