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Volume 12


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2020-2021 Staff List

David S. Hutchison '21


Emily F. Burke '22

Communications Editor

Anna Claire Rowlands '22

Junior Articles Editor

Nathaniel J. Bennett '21

Executive Citations Editor

Matthew J. Schoonover '22

Production Editor

Susannah E. Barnes '21

Administrative Editor

Stefanie B. Klaves '21

Senior Articles Editor

Jeffery N. Eide '22

Executive Content Editor

Kaylee E. Witters '21

Executive Style Editor

Eliz L. Slabaugh '23

Associate Administrative Editor


Editor's Preface

David S. Hutchison '21


Dr. John A. Sparks '66

Two Heroes of Conscience Who Changed the World

Lawrence Reed '75

Sickening and Cyclical: COVID-19 and Its Impact on the Current Business Cycle

Michael Reese '21

The Lochner Court and the New Deal

Anna Claire Rowlands '22

Killing Them Softly: The Unintended Consequences of Minimum Wage Policy

Jack Everett '21

Procedural Natural Law as an Encompassing Interpretive Approach

Reese Overholt '22

Effects of Partial Scholarships for Education Majors

Janna Lu '22