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Volume 1, Number 2

Fall 2010

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2010 Staff List

James R. R. Van Eerden


Steven A. Irwin

Executive Administrative Editor

Laura F. Koller

Executive Copy Editor

Danielle B. Henry

Executive Production Editor

Autumn R. Todd

Administrative Secretary

Lisa M. Herman

Executive Managing Editor

Alex H. Pepper

Senior Editor

Andrew P. Walker

Junior Editor

W. Soren Kreider

Publication Liaison


Editor's Preface

James R. R. Van Eerden


Richard G. Jewell

Five Years After Kelo: The Sweeping Backlash Against One of the Supreme Court's Most-Despised Decisions

Scott G. Bullock

Equal Protection or First Amendment Freedoms: Which Would New Jersey Rather Lose? Boy Scouts of America v. Dale and Bernstein v. OGCMA

Kevin A. Hoffman

Do Unto Others, or Watch Over Your Shoulder? Tracing Sanctuary and Illegal Immigration as a Church and State Issue

Samuel S. Stanton Jr.
Jared M. Walczak

District Of Columbia v. Heller: A Dispute Over Historical Fact

Esther J. Winne

Federalism, Family Law and the Supreme Court

Michael L. Coulter

Politics and Justice: A Critical Look at the Disenfranshisement of Felons in America

Elizabeth A. Oklevitch