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Volume 1, Number 1

Spring 2010

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2010 Staff List

James R. R. Van Eerden


Steven A. Irwin

Executive Administrative Editor

Brittany I. Hayword

Executive Copy Editor

Danielle B. Henry

Executive Production Editor

Autumn R. Todd

Administrative Secretary

Kevin A. Hoffman

Executive Managing Editor

Justin R. Olson

Senior Editor

Alex H. Pepper

Junior Editor

W. Soren Kreider

Publication Liaison


Editor's Preface

James R. R, Van Eerden


Richard G. Jewell

Grove City vs. Bell: What the Case Means Today

David M. Lascell

Reforming the Reform Agenda: Crisis at the WTO

Daniel B. Hanson

Who's Church is This? Church Property Disputes and the Civil Courts

John A. Sparks

How Clear is the "Clear and Present Danger" Test

David Feister

"Congress Must Speak Clearly Again" Honest Services Fraud - 18 U.S.C.§ 1346

John A. Schwab

Human Trafficking and Labor Reform: A Recomendation

Brittany A. Foor