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Volume 2, Number 1

Spring 2011

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2011 Staff List

James R. R. Van Eerden


Steve A. Irwin


Lisa M. Herman

Executive Articles Editor

Dorothy E. Williams

Executive Articles Editor

Abigail C. Lepsch

Executive Content Editor

Connor J. Baer

Executive Production Editor

Kara E. Wilson

Administrative Assistant

Jared M. Smith

Executive Administrative Editor

Alex H. Pepper

Senior Editor

Andrew P. Walker

Junior Editor

Brittany I. Hayward

Executive Style Editor

Julia L. Haines

Executive Style Editor

Andrew M. Patterson

Marketing Director


Editor's Preface

James R. R. Van Eerden


Steven A. Irwin

Was the Constitution Illegally Adopted

Michael P. Farris

The G.I. Bill, Higher Education and American Society

Dayne D. Batten

Constitutional Reapportionment? An Examination of Reynolds v. Sims

Kristie L. Eshelman

The Unfinished Revolution: The Rehnquist Court and Dual Federalism

Christopher A. Wetzel

Ourselves and Our Posterity: Essays in Constitutional Originalism

David J. Porter