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Volume 3


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2011-2012 Staff List

Julia L. Haines


Dorothy E. Williams

Executive Articles Editor

Connor J. Baer

Executive Articles Editor

Abigail C. Lepsch

Executive Content Editor

Kelsey J. Kobil

Executive Style Editor

Kara E. Wilson

Deputy Administrative Editor

Jared M. Smith

Executive Administrative Editor

Noelle J. Huffman

Executive Administrative Editor

Andrew P. Walker

Senior Editor

Nicholas M. Freiling

Junior Editor

Esther M. Durling

Marketing Director

Deanna S. Steffy

Executive Production Editor


Editor's Preface

Julia L. Haines


Lisa M. Herman

Nature and Nurture: Limiting the Rights of Parents in Genetic Enhancement

Steven L. Jones

Breaking the Chains: The Inability of the International Criminal Court to Combat the Persistent Problem of Slavery and the International Justice Mission's Model of Enforcement

Emma J. Finney

Two Sides of the Same Coin: The Implications of Hodel v. Irving on Pennsylvania's Inheritance Tax

Timothy J. Witt

A Firm Foundation: A Defense of the UN Trafficking Protocol

Connor J. Baer

The Failures of Sumptuary Taxation

Caleb S. Fuller