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Position: 8-man, flanker, jumper

Year: 2011

Major: Undecided.

Birthday: 8/17

Box Number: 1355..send me something sweet

Email: watsoncl1@gcc.edu

Offices Held: Match Secretary

Awards Held: -

Nicknames: cor cor by Kaity. wat wat by Liv. c-dub, c-rinne, watty, rinna, reni, cork, and rie

Other Activities: IM v-ball & sleeping like a pro.

5 Words that Best Describe You:  smelly, mean, hateful, rude, pretty- as told by Olivia

Favorite Quote: ďthe pathway to victory is paved with the skulls of the weakĒ

Most Often Seen: within the dorms somewhere

If I had a million dollars, I would: buy a normal size house then intersperse the rest where I think Iím supposed to.. maybe spend a little on a trip to Hawaii..

One thing you would say to all of GCC:

Favorite rugby memory: every time I had a pair of girls scrunch up my shorts completely above my thighs and stick their heads where itís typically unacceptable. That was sweet.

Favorite rugby injury: since I kind of skimped on the injuries, Iím going with Hillaís concussion.





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