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Position: Lock

Year: 2010

Major: Political Science and French

Birthday: February 3

Box Number: 1829

Email: FordBX1@gcc.edu

Offices Held: Coach

Awards Held: Built Ford Tough and Good Lookin' Too, Angelina Jolie

Nicknames: FORD!

Other Activities: Phi Sigma Chi, music, shopping, video games

5 Words that Best Describe You: aggressive, Northwesterner, nerdy, loud, observant

Favorite Quote: "Pessimists are never disappointed."

Most Often Seen: around...

If I had a million dollars, I would: buy a pitch for the team, pay off school, and travel around the world.

One thing you would say to all of GCC: As Gorgo says in 300, "Only rugby women give birth to real men."

Favorite rugby memory: Lydia getting sent out of the game against Cal U for "raking" a girl's head, and as a result watching Shelly pummel a girl with a high-tackle and then come back to us and be like "We're killing them AND we don't have a scrummy"; Beating Pitt at Homecoming in 2006

Favorite rugby injury: The bruised something in my lower back from getting dropped at the Slippery Rock game, let that be a lesson to you: shoulder when you're being tackled.



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