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8:00 AM   Caleb Taylor   Brody      
9:00 AM                
10:00 AM       Caleb and Mike        
11:00 AM   Josh       Dani    
12:00 PM                
1:00 PM     Justin and Colin          
2:00 PM   Amy and Hannah Kendra Mike Claire Brandon   Jonathan, Joe, and Bradley
3:00 PM             Zack and Mike  
4:00 PM                
5:00 PM     Daniel Samuel        
6:00 PM   Tom Jon David and Eryn Ian      
7:00 PM   Courtney and Sarah Kenton and Eric Mark, Ellen, and Victoria Rachel Benjamin    
8:00 PM   Lauren, Jenne, and Sam Emily Nathan, Caleb, and Scott Noah and Marcus Erik and Jason   Christian and Philip
9:00 PM   Emily and Emily Caroline and Elaina John, Nathan, and Maggie Nic and Michael     Mike and Gabi
10:00 PM   Kate and Alexis Caroline and Sara Jae Nic and Michael     Esther, Meghan, Brian, and Austin
11:00 PM     Jon and Greg Nate and Jesse Nathan and Caleb     Robbie, Matthew, and Brendan
12:00 AM                
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