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8:00 AM                
9:00 AM                
10:00 AM             Erik and Kenton  
11:00 AM                
12:00 PM                
1:00 PM           Victoria and Gianna Tony  
2:00 PM         Brandon Brittany and Kait   Ryan and Wesley
3:00 PM   Lauren and Seth       Brad   Ben and Ian
4:00 PM   Shut Up and Listen   Stephen and Amy     Dani and Victoria Robbie, Matt, and Brendan
5:00 PM       Mark, Ellen, and Victoria        
6:00 PM   Bobby and Brendan The Thunderdome Liz and Andrew's Happy Hour Rebekah, Taylor, and Dave Michael and David    
7:00 PM   Dana and Mark Anna and Emily Maggie, John, and Nathan Kelly and Nick Michael and David    
8:00 PM   Ear Candy with Bri and Aubrey Courtney and Hannah Brittany and Matthew Caroline and Sara Erik and Jason   Claire
9:00 PM   Alyssa, Matt, and Lara, and Olivia Caleb and Nathan Kristina and Kristen Isaac and Nic     Meghan, Victoria, Brian, and Esther
10:00 PM   Sandra and Andrew Breaking Weird Stephen and Russ Isaac and Nic     Josh and Peter
11:00 PM     Breaking Weird   Chris and Paul      
12:00 AM                
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