Please note the following instructions.

·        Auditing Courses:  Students should enroll in a course via myGCC and then submit a Drop/Add form to the Registrar’s Office noting the audit status.  The tuition charge is the same as courses for credit except for band, choir, or orchestra.  Only full-time students may audit courses. 

·        Labs:  Be sure to include laboratories with the associated courses.  If you don’t have either the course or lab registered concurrently on your schedule, then the Registrar’s Office will reserve the right to drop the course or lab from your schedule.

·        Adding Duplicate Sections:  Students are not permitted to register for more than one section of the same course (Exceptions are Reli 237, studies courses, investigative and independent studies courses).  The Registrar's Office will remove duplicate sections from a student's schedule. 

·        Priority Courses:  There are specific courses that are reserved for students who are required to take them for their majors.  To find the priority courses, go to myGCC, click on the Academics tab, and perform a course search. Click on the course link and see if there is a “Major Only” note.  Non-majors will be prohibited from registering online for priority courses.  A Drop/Add form signed by both the instructor and advisor is required for all non-majors to enroll in these courses.

·        Independent Study, Independent Research, Internships, and Honors courses all require specific forms and cannot be scheduled online or with Drop/Add forms.  The required forms are available under the Forms & Docs tab of the Registrar's website.  Internship instructions and forms are found at

·        The minimum load for any full-time student is 12 hours.  Students must be registered for a minimum of 12 hours to maintain residency status on-campus.  Advisors must approve course loads in excess of 18 hours for students with less than a 3.00 cqpa.  In no case shall a class load exceed 21 semester hours.

·        Not Returning to GCC: If you do not plan to return to Grove City College, please notify Mrs. Mandie McCreadie at ext. 2177 or