Please review the advisor-approval process and plan to contact your advisor for assistance with course scheduling and for final approval.

Winter Online, January Intersession, and Spring 2019
Require Approval by your Advisor

  • All courses added through myGCC are placed on "Reserve."  A Reserve status indicates that you have been registered for courses but are waiting for advisor approval.  Although a reserved course status does set aside a seat in that class, you are not officially registered until the advisor approves that course selection. Reserved courses do not display under "Student Schedule."  You may only view reserved courses through "Add/Drop courses".
  • The course status will change from "Reserved" to "Current" after advisor approval.  A follow-up e-mail notification is sent to you.  All approved, current courses will now display under "Student Schedule."
  • A  Drop/Add Form must be used to make schedule changes for closed classes, courses requiring a prerequisite, or for changes after a schedule has been approved by your advisor.  Closed and prerequisite classes require both the instructor and the advisor's signature. Drop/add forms will not be accepted until the Friday morning after your class registration turn begins.
  •  Academic advisors expect to approve a schedule by the end of their advisee's online registration period (One week after you begin scheduling online). Therefore, it is important that you contact your academic advisor and follows his/her instructions concerning schedule approval.   Schedules not approved by Friday, December 14, at 5:00 pm are considered invalid and all courses may be removed.