Information for Incoming Freshmen


This section is for incoming freshmen who are using the online course survey to submit fall schedule requests. 
Certain majors are fully scheduled and do not participate in the survey.  Majors that are fully scheduled include: Biochemistry, Chemistry, Computer Science (not Computer Information Systems), Electrical and Mechanical Engineering and Physics.   A letter is sent to all incoming freshmen on how course scheduling works for their particular major. 

Music majors will not participate in the survey. Music majors are partially scheduled with required courses and will either complete their schedule with the assistance of music faculty at the summer preview sessions or will contact the music department after July 1.

For those participating in the survey, please review the PowerPoint presentations listed below. 

PowerPoint Presentation #1: Online Course Survey Overview 

PowerPoint Presentation #2: GCC Major Status Sheets
(Learning about your major requirements)

  • Advising Guides: Major Status Sheets for All Majors, AP/CLEP Guidelines, Minor Course Requirements

PowerPoint Presentation #3: Schedule Planning Guides  (An overview of the several planning documents you will use for selecting possible courses.)

  • Course Selections by Major:  Use this guide first to determine the courses and credits that are already pre-scheduled for your major, and how many credits are needed to complete your online schedule request.

  • Freshman Course Offerings: Use this guide to determine the freshman-eligible courses that you may want to request.

  • General Education Course Selection Tips: After determining the credits needed to complete your schedule request with the "Course Selections Guide by Major," use this guide for helpful tips on selecting general education and general elective courses.

PowerPoint Presentation # 4:  Additional Resources (Resource Documents that could be helpful with understanding language and math placements, college transfer credits, and AP/CLEP/IB guidelines. PowerPoint Presentation #4 can be used by all students.)


Modern Language Requirements  (Describes GCC's language requirements in detail.)

  • Modern Language Guides
  • Business Calculus and Calc I have similar formulas and equations that you should have learned in pre-calculus.  The formulas and equations in Calc II are what you should have learned in Calc I.

  • Course Transfer Evaluation  If you have college courses that need evaluated for possible transfer, please review the policies and instructions on this webpage and submit the Transfer Evaluation Form.  Please plan to submit your requests, asap, even while the courses are in progress. Your fall schedule will be evaluated and adjusted accordingly.  Transfer courses will not be added to your record until the final transcript is received.

PowerPoint Presentation #5: Survey Planning Documents (Final tips on how to submit a successful course survey.)

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