Drop/Add News for Spring 2021

The drop/add period opens on Saturday, January 23, at 1:00 pm and closes on Friday, January 29, at 5:00 pm.

**Anticipated May or Summer 2021 graduates will not be permitted to drop/add spring classes via myGCC. A Drop/Add Form must be submitted to Mandie McCreadie.**

myGCC Drop/Add Instructions - If unfamiliar with the online drop/add system, please review these instructions.

-  Advisors and instructors will be automatically notified of your schedule changes via a daily e-mail. Your advisor will note the changes to your schedule and will decide if they are appropriate choices. You will be notified if there is a problem with your schedule.

-  For full classes, major-restricted classes, and audited classes, a Drop/Add Form must be submitted to the Registrar's Office with the instructor's signature. Please note that due to social distancing needs, sign-ins to full courses are being closely monitored and may not be approved.


Course Information:

New Students matriculating in fall 2020:  Make sure you schedule appropriately for spring so that you will have completed HUMA 102 (or RELI 211 and 212), PHYE 100, and WRIT 101 by the end of your first year at GCC.

Independent Study/Research Application Deadline:  Applications for spring 2021 independent study/research must be fully completed, have a study/research syllabus attached, and be submitted to the respective Dean's office no later than January 20.

HUMA Courses: Please be aware that all Humanities courses have a limit on the number of students that can enroll in each section. Students will not be signed in above the seat limit. If a seat is open, you may register for that course online. Please do not contact individual professors to see if they will sign you into a course that is full. Drop/add forms will not be accepted for full HUMA courses. If you have any questions, please contact Calderwood Dean, Dr. Kemeny.

Huma 202 and 301 may be taken at anytime.  There are no prerequisites for these courses.

Huma 303: Prerequisites are Huma 200 and either Huma 202 or 301.

SSFT:  Prerequisite is concurrently taking or have taken a science/lab course, as well as Huma102 or Reli 211/212.  Arts and Letters majors, including Math and Computer Science majors, should complete the SSFT requirement by the end of their sophomore year.  Science and Engineering majors should complete the SSFT requirement by the end of their junior year. 

PHYE Courses:  Upon completion of PHYE 100, a student may choose up to six additional hours of physical education courses with the “PHYE” prefix, but not more than one course per semester. Duplication of courses for credit is prohibited and the Department of Exercise Science reserves the right to cancel any course based on insufficient enrollment.

Overloads:  The combined total of credit and audit hours over 17 is considered an overload and charged a per credit fee.

Additional Registration Tips


Course Withdrawal Period
You may withdraw from a class with a 'W' grade beginning Monday, February 1 through Friday, March 26 by 5:00 PM.  A course withdraw form must be completed for each course, and a "W" grade will appear on the official college transcript. Note: Any withdraws after the March 26 deadline are treated as a 'WF' (Withdraw-Failing). No course withdrawal requests will be accepted after Study Day, May 6.

The electronic course withdrawal form may be accessed by clicking here: 

GCC Course Withdraw Form

*Please reference the College Bulletin for the tuition refund policy.

Please keep in mind that the Registrar's Office faithfully follows deadlines and you may run into serious difficulty if you don't adhere to the deadline dates and timelines.