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The last day to withdraw from a course is
Friday, April 1 by 5:00 pm.


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myGCC course registration for May 2016 Intersession, Summer, Fall 2016, and the Spring 2017 terms begins on Thursday, April 7 and ends on Friday, May 6.  Drop/add forms may be submitted up until Friday, May 6. 

Please refer to your class registration days and times: Course Registration Days and Times

May 2016 Intersession Instructions

May and Summer Online Courses and Instructions

There are now online courses beginning in May Intersession

Students on financial hold or students who owe 10 or more chapels will not be permitted to register for classes.

Please review the following information and guidelines:
Additional Registration Instructions

Course Drop/Add Form

(Not used for course withdraw.  Go to Forms and Docs for the Withdraw form)

Schedule Planner

Schedule Approval by Your Advisor
(May Intersession, Summer, or the Fall 2016 terms require approval by your advisor.  Spring 2017 approval will wait until next fall.)

myGCC Online Scheduling Instructions

Scheduling Tips:

  • If you encounter authorization or other types of errors that prevent you from scheduling, try another browser and/or reboot your computer.
  • Try entering course codes instead of reference numbers. You don't need to remember course codes since there are dropdown boxes. 

  • Registering courses with labs:  You will be prevented from adding a course or lab if one is full.  You will not be able to drop the course or lab only.  Both will need to be dropped.

Additional Scheduling Information:

Chem 242: You may register for Chem 241 with a lab. Chem 242 will be unavailable until fall registration.

Huma 200: This course is for students who matriculated to the college beginning fall 2015 (There are a few returning students that are also following the new Huma requirements).  Please plan to add a section your May 2016 Intersession, fall or spring schedule.  You may request a January 2017 or May 2017 Intersession section.  There are no online offerings for May or Summer 2016.  You do not take Huma 201 or 302.

Huma 201:
 There will be one section in May Intersession and one section in the fall term for about 15 students who require this course.  Fall students will be pre-loaded into the course.  This will be the last section of 201. 

Huma 302: This course is for students who matriculated to the college prior to the 2015-16 academic year.  There will be sections offered in the various terms for the 2016-17 and 2017-18 academic years. There are no plans to offer Huma 302 after the 2017-18 academic year. Please plan to add a section if your schedule permits.  Delaying this course could cause you scheduling problems going into the final year.

HUMA 102, 202, 301:  These Huma's are common for both the old and new requirements.

Huma Sequence:  Huma 202 and 301 may be taken at anytime.  There is no sequence or prerequisites for these courses. 

SSFT Courses:  SSFT is now a 2 credit course.  There are added sections to reduce the backlog of students. Please plan to add a section if your schedule permits.

The Registrar's Office reserves the right to place eligible students in Huma 200, 201, 302, SSFT, and Writ 101.  Please plan to prioritize these courses when scheduling.

Private Piano and Voice Lessons
Students assigned to their current instructor should plan on keeping the same instructor for each term.  Male voice lessons are encouraged to add the sections with Mr. Brent Weber, who is the new male voice specialist.  Any questions on instructor assignments may be addressed to the music department.

You will be able to change your fall/spring schedule when the following drop/add dates occur:

  • Fall 2016 term: During drop/add week at the beginning of the fall 2016 semester.
  • January 2017 Intersession/Spring 2017 terms:  According to your class, starting in October 2016
  • Spring 2017:  During drop/add week at the beginning of the spring 2017 semester.