Welcome to the Registrar's website.  The Registrar's Office is responsible for maintaining student academic records and communicating college academic policy.  Other services include fulfilling transcript requests, coordinating course registration, performing graduation audits and generally insuring that faculty and students understand the contents of the college catalog, the Bulletin.

2018-19 Academic and Finals Calendar

2019-20 Academic and Finals Calendar

Tuition and Expenses 2018-19 Academic Year

Important Date Reminders:
Midterm Grades - Due Monday, October 15 by noon

Last day to withdraw from a class is Friday, October 26, at 5:00 pm.  Any withdraws after this day are treated as a "WF-Withdraw-Failing." A course withdrawal form is required with the instructor and advisor's signature (not a drop/add form).

Course Registration News

Course registration for Winter Online, January Intersession and Spring 2019 will open for students on the following dates:

        Seniors - Thursday, October 25 at 6:00pm

        Juniors - Thursday, November 1 at 6:00pm

        Sophomores - Thursday, November 8 at 6:00pm

        Freshmen - Thursday, November 15 at 6:00pm


Each class has approximately one week to schedule online.  All Winter Online, January Intersession, and Spring courses are to be approved by your academic advisor.  Schedule changes after your online turn will go through the paper drop/add process. Drop/Add forms will be accepted until Friday, December 7 for the spring term.  January Intersession and Winter Online are extended beyond this date. 

Students with a hold
on their account will not be permitted to register for classes. A student is placed on "Chapel hold" when he/she owes 10 or more chapels.

Dual Enrollment students register for spring semester through submission of the School Authorization Form to the Admissions Office. Forms may be submitted in person or via email (admissions@gcc.edu) beginning on Monday, December 3.


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myGCC Online Scheduling Instructions

Additional Registration Instructions

Course Drop/Add Form

Schedule Planner
Schedule Approval by Your Advisor
(Winter Online, January 2019 Intersession and/or the Spring 2019 term requires approval by your advisor)

Final Exam Accommodation Form (Required for students who are requesting accommodations for the final exam.)

Scheduling Tips!

  • All courses added through myGCC are placed on "Reserve."  A Reserve status indicates that you have been registered for courses but are waiting for advisor approval.  Although a reserved course status does set aside a seat in that class, you are not officially registered until the advisor approves that course selection. Reserved courses do not display under "Student Schedule."  You may only view reserved courses through "Add/Drop courses". Reserved courses will not display under All My Courses" until they are approved.
  • If you receive unauthorized messages or your current browser is not permitting you to register, try another one.  Rebooting may also help.

  • Registering courses with labs:  You are able to enter both course and lab at the same time.  You will be prevented from adding a course or lab if one is full.  You will not be able to drop the course or lab only.  Both will need to be dropped.

Course Information:

Huma 200: Recommended to be completed by the end of the sophomore year. Prerequisites are Huma 102 (or Reli 211 or 212) and Writ 101.

Huma 202 and 301 may be taken at anytime.  There are no prerequisites for these courses.

Huma 303: Prerequisites are Huma 200 and either Huma 202 or 301.

New Students matriculating in fall 2018:  Make sure that Huma 102 (Reli 212) or Writ 101 as well as Phye 102 or Phye 112 are scheduled for the spring term.  Otherwise a section will be added for you.

SSFT:  Prerequisite are a lab science course and Huma 102 (or RELI 211/212). Note the lab science course may be taken concurrently with the SSFT course.  Arts and Letters majors, including Math and Computer Information System and Computer Science majors, should complete the SSFT requirement by the end of their sophomore year.  Science and Engineering majors should complete the SSFT requirement by the end of their junior year. 

Overloads:  The combined total of credit and audit hours over 17 is considered an overload and charged $450/hour.

Future Opportunities for  Course Scheduling:

  • Spring 2019 term: You will have another chance to update your spring 2019 schedule during drop/add week.

  • May 2019 Intersession, Summer Online, Fall 2019, Spring 2020 terms:  Scheduling for these terms will occur when course registration begins in March 2019.