1st Quarter Play-by-Play

  Saint Vincent vs. Grove City
  Date: Nov 09, 2013 • Site: Grove City, Pa.

1st Quarter Play-by-Play
Svc 1-10on Svc35SVC ball on SVC35.
Svc 1-10on Svc35Clock 15:00.
Grove City wins toss, defers. Saint Vincent receives, defending S goal
Svc 1-10on Svc35GRO ball on GRO35.
Cole McCandless kickoff 20 yards to the SVC45, fair catch by Cody Lambert.
Svc 1-10on Svc45Ryan Crawford rush for 2 yards to the SVC47, fumble forced by Jason Skyrm, fumble by Ryan Crawford recovered by GRO Jimmy Cianciola at 50 yardline, Jimmy Cianciola for 9 yards to the SVC41 (Dustin Lowman).
 Drive: 1 play, 5 yards, TOP 0:10
Gro 1-10on Svc41GROVE CITY drive start at 14:50, GRO ball on SVC41.
Gro 1-10on Svc41Brian Pell pass complete to Anthony Ritchie for 9 yards to the SVC32 (Dwayne Brown).
Gro 2-1on Svc32Steve Maskrey rush for 7 yards to the SVC25, 1ST DOWN GRO (Kyle Braun).
Gro 1-10on Svc25Steve Maskrey rush for 4 yards to the SVC21 (Nick Nitowski;Darrell Burrell).
Gro 2-6on Svc21Steve Maskrey rush for 3 yards to the SVC18 (Matt McCarthy).
Gro 3-3on Svc18Brian Pell rush for 6 yards to the SVC12, 1ST DOWN GRO (Darrell Burrell).
Gro 1-10on Svc12Steve Maskrey rush for 1 yard to the SVC11 (Nathan Hess).
Gro 2-9on Svc11Steve Maskrey rush for 5 yards to the SVC6 (Matt McCarthy).
Gro 3-4on Svc06Timeout Grove City, clock 11:08.
Gro 3-4on Svc06Brian Pell rush for 5 yards to the SVC1, 1ST DOWN GRO (TJ Feeney).
Gro 1-Gon Svc01Steve Maskrey rush for 1 yard to the SVC0, TOUCHDOWN, clock 10:47.
Ryan Stewart kick attempt good, PENALTY SVC offside defense declined.
Grove City 7, Saint Vincent 0
 Drive: 9 plays, 41 yards, TOP 4:03
Cole McCandless kickoff 44 yards to the SVC21, Dwayne Brown return 11 yards to the SVC32 (Cole McCandless).
Svc 1-10on Svc32SAINT VINCENT drive start at 10:38.
Svc 1-10on Svc32Manuel Brown rush for loss of 2 yards to the SVC30, fumble forced by Ryan Althausen, fumble by Manuel Brown recovered by GRO Chris Gibbs at SVC27, Chris Gibbs for 27 yards to the SVC0, TOUCHDOWN, clock 10:26.
 Drive: 1 play, minus 5 yards, TOP 0:12
Ryan Stewart kick attempt good.
Grove City 14, Saint Vincent 0
Cole McCandless kickoff 51 yards to the SVC14, Dwayne Brown return 15 yards to the SVC29 (Dan Dorman;Brandon Miller).
Svc 1-10on Svc29SAINT VINCENT drive start at 10:19.
Svc 1-10on Svc29Jaleel Morris rush for no gain to the SVC29 (Ben Manwaring).
Svc 2-10on Svc29Andy Borgen pass complete to Matt Duffey for 3 yards to the SVC32 (Miles Milner).
Svc 3-7on Svc32Andy Borgen sacked for loss of 5 yards to the SVC27 (Ben Manwaring).
Svc 4-12on Svc27Morgan Porter punt 40 yards to the GRO33, Anthony Ritchie return 7 yards to the GRO40 (Dwayne Brown;Jose Estevez).
 Drive: 3 plays, minus 2 yards, TOP 1:54
Gro 1-10on Gro40GROVE CITY drive start at 08:25.
Gro 1-10on Gro40Brian Pell rush for 9 yards to the GRO49 (Darrell Burrell).
Gro 2-1on Gro49Zach Gazdacko rush for 13 yards to the SVC38, 1ST DOWN GRO, out-of-bounds (Darrell Burrell).
Gro 1-10on Svc38Steve Maskrey rush for 5 yards to the SVC33 (RLaRue-Holloman).
Gro 2-5on Svc33Sam Ivan rush for 3 yards to the SVC30 (Matt McCarthy).
Gro 3-2on Svc30PENALTY GRO false start 5 yards to the SVC35.
Gro 3-7on Svc35Brian Pell pass intercepted by Dan Wirkowski at the SVC19, Dan Wirkowski return -1 yards to the SVC18 (David Folkmire).
 Drive: 5 plays, 25 yards, TOP 2:42
Svc 1-10on Svc18SAINT VINCENT drive start at 05:43.
Svc 1-10on Svc18Andy Borgen pass complete to Jaleel Morris for 11 yards to the SVC29, 1ST DOWN SVC (Bran. Berringer).
Svc 1-10on Svc29Chris Monroe rush for 6 yards to the SVC35 (Joe Diani).
Svc 2-4on Svc35Andy Borgen pass complete to David Butler for 6 yards to the SVC41, 1ST DOWN SVC (Slater Simek).
Svc 1-10on Svc41Andy Borgen rush for 5 yards to the SVC46 (Slater Simek).
Svc 2-5on Svc46Andy Borgen pass complete to Dustin Lowman for loss of 1 yard to the SVC45, out-of-bounds.
Svc 3-6on Svc45Andy Borgen rush for 7 yards to the GRO48, 1ST DOWN SVC (Jason Skyrm).
Svc 1-10on Gro48Chris Monroe rush for 13 yards to the GRO35 (Chris Gibbs;Joe Diani), PENALTY SVC holding (Jaleel Morris) 10 yards to the SVC42, NO PLAY.
Svc 1-20on Svc42Andy Borgen pass complete to Chris Monroe for 9 yards to the GRO49 (Chris Gibbs).
Svc 2-11on Gro49Andy Borgen pass incomplete to Alex Charles.
Svc 3-11on Gro49Timeout Saint Vincent, clock 01:55.
Svc 3-11on Gro49Andy Borgen pass incomplete.
Svc 4-11on Gro49Morgan Porter punt 48 yards to the GRO1, downed, PENALTY SVC illegal formation 5 yards to the GRO44, NO PLAY, PENALTY SVC unsportsmanlike conduct 25 yards to the SVC31, NO PLAY.
Svc 4-41on Svc31Morgan Porter punt 43 yards to the GRO26, Anthony Ritchie return 11 yards to the GRO37, out-of-bounds (Dev Phillips;Dwayne Brown).
 Drive: 9 plays, 3 yards, TOP 4:19
Gro 1-10on Gro37GROVE CITY drive start at 01:24.
Gro 1-10on Gro37Sam Ivan rush for loss of 1 yard to the GRO36 (Andrew Geisler).
Gro 2-11on Gro36Brian Pell pass complete to Khalil Ervin for 10 yards to the GRO46 (Darrell Burrell).
Gro 3-1on Gro46Steve Maskrey rush for 4 yards to the 50 yardline, 1ST DOWN GRO (RLaRue-Holloman).