3rd Quarter Play-by-Play

  Thiel vs. Grove City
  Date: Nov 15, 2014 • Site: Grove City, Pa.

3rd Quarter Play-by-Play
Thi 1-10on Gro27Start of 3rd quarter, clock 15:00, GRO ball on GRO35.
 Drive: 4 plays, 41 yards, TOP 0:34
Ryan Stewart kickoff 33 yards to the THI32, Cody Covine return 8 yards to the THI40 (Nathan Nativio).
Thi 1-10on Thi40THIEL drive start at 14:57.
Thi 1-10on Thi40Taylor Fink rush for 10 yards to the 50 yardline, 1ST DOWN THI (Brent Veerman).
Thi 1-10on Thi50Ryan Radke rush for 11 yards to the GRO39, 1ST DOWN THI (Bran. Berringer).
Thi 1-10on Gro39PENALTY THI delay of game (Ryan Radke) 5 yards to the GRO44.
Thi 1-15on Gro44Ryan Radke rush for loss of 1 yard to the GRO45 (Robert Rollick).
Thi 2-16on Gro45Ryan Radke pass complete to Marcus Johnson for 17 yards to the GRO28, 1ST DOWN THI (Ryan Mathis).
Thi 1-10on Gro28Ryan Radke pass complete to Ron Howard for 20 yards to the GRO8, 1ST DOWN THI (Andrew Seifert).
Thi 1-Gon Gro08Taylor Fink rush for 1 yard to the GRO7 (Brent Veerman;Ryan Hickey).
Thi 2-Gon Gro07Ryan Radke rush for 7 yards to the GRO0, TOUCHDOWN, clock 10:34.
Colin Peal kick attempt good.
Thiel 35, Grove City 7
 Drive: 7 plays, 60 yards, TOP 4:23
Cody McClelland kickoff 65 yards to the GRO0, touchback.
Gro 1-10on Gro20GROVE CITY drive start at 10:33, GRO ball on GRO25.
Gro 1-10on Gro25Steve Maskrey rush for 7 yards to the GRO32 (Mike Finchio).
Gro 2-3on Gro32Gabriel Moore rush for 1 yard to the GRO33 (Jack Sindlinger).
Gro 3-2on Gro33Steve Maskrey rush for 9 yards to the GRO42, 1ST DOWN GRO (Wes Schmidt).
Gro 1-10on Gro42Aaron Lundmark pass incomplete, QB hurry by Tyree Abrams.
Gro 2-10on Gro42Aaron Lundmark rush for 3 yards to the GRO45 (Tom Thorpe).
Gro 3-7on Gro45Timeout Grove City, clock 08:51.
Gro 3-7on Gro45Aaron Lundmark pass incomplete to Josh Peach (Trevor Martin).
Gro 4-7on Gro45Anth. Marnejon punt 28 yards to the THI27, downed, PENALTY GRO holding (Joey Siefert) 10 yards to the THI37, 1st and 10, THI ball on THI37.
 Drive: 6 plays, 20 yards, TOP 1:58
Thi 1-10on Thi37THIEL drive start at 08:35.
Thi 1-10on Thi37Ryan Radke rush for loss of 3 yards to the THI34, fumble by Ryan Radke recovered by THI Taylor Fink at THI32.
Thi 2-15on Thi32Ryan Radke rush for 58 yards to the GRO10, 1ST DOWN THI, out-of-bounds (Jimmy Cianciola).
Thi 1-Gon Gro10Timeout Thiel, clock 07:14.
Thi 1-Gon Gro10PENALTY THI false start (Gary Hiner) 5 yards to the GRO15.
Thi 1-Gon Gro15Taylor Fink rush for 15 yards to the GRO0, TOUCHDOWN, clock 07:04.
Colin Peal kick attempt good.
Thiel 42, Grove City 7
 Drive: 3 plays, 63 yards, TOP 1:31
Cody McClelland kickoff 42 yards to the GRO23, Luke Brancato return 0 yards to the GRO23, out-of-bounds.
Gro 1-10on Gro23GROVE CITY drive start at 07:02.
Gro 1-10on Gro23Tyler Kepple pass incomplete to Josh Peach.
Gro 2-10on Gro23Tyler Kepple rush for 2 yards to the GRO25 (Jack Sindlinger).
Gro 3-8on Gro25Tyler Kepple sacked for loss of 13 yards to the GRO12 (Reily Shane).
Gro 4-21on Gro12Anth. Marnejon punt 31 yards to the GRO43, fair catch by Mike McLaughlin.
 Drive: 3 plays, minus 11 yards, TOP 1:34
Thi 1-10on Gro43THIEL drive start at 05:28.
Thi 1-10on Gro43Branden Dice rush for 1 yard to the GRO42 (Brent Veerman).
Thi 2-9on Gro42PENALTY THI personal foul (Chase Good) 15 yards to the THI43.
Thi 2-24on Thi43Pat Shaffer sacked for loss of 5 yards to the THI38 (Robert Rollick), fumble by Pat Shaffer recovered by THI Jason Crystol at THI39.
Thi 3-28on Thi39PENALTY THI delay of game (Pat Shaffer) 5 yards to the THI34.
Thi 3-33on Thi34Pat Shaffer pass complete to Branden Dice for 10 yards to the THI44 (Bobby Tuttle).
Thi 4-23on Thi44Cody McClelland punt 39 yards to the GRO17, Brett Pinson return 0 yards to the GRO17, fumble by Brett Pinson recovered by GRO Jesaiah Wilson at GRO19.
 Drive: 3 plays, minus 13 yards, TOP 2:24
Gro 1-10on Gro19GROVE CITY drive start at 03:04, GRO ball on GRO19.
Gro 1-10on Gro19Tyler Kepple pass complete to Gabriel Moore for 1 yard to the GRO20, out-of-bounds (Tom Thorpe).
Gro 2-9on Gro20Tyler Kepple pass complete to David Folkmire for 4 yards to the GRO24, out-of-bounds.
Gro 3-5on Gro24Tyler Kepple pass complete to Josh Peach for 4 yards to the GRO28, out-of-bounds (Jack Sindlinger).
Gro 4-1on Gro28Tyler Kepple pass incomplete to Jason Skyrm, dropped pass.
 Drive: 4 plays, 9 yards, TOP 2:07
Thi 1-10on Gro28THIEL drive start at 00:57.
Thi 1-10on Gro28C. Gonzalez rush for no gain to the GRO28 (Bobby Tuttle;Bran. Berringer).
Thi 2-10on Gro28C. Gonzalez rush for loss of 1 yard to the GRO29 (Brent Veerman;Robert Rollick).