Dr. Donald "Doc" McMillan '32

Born in nearby Evans City, Don entered college with notable high school basketball and baseball credentials. But tennis was his game in the 1930s, as he lost only two matches in his junior and senior years. In 1931, he captured the Butler County tennis championship.

He was a scholarship recipient and graduated with honors from University of Pennsylvania Medical School in 1936.

Don served in the Army Medical Corps as a surgeon during World War II. After the war, he remained in the Army Reserves and commanded a 1,000-bed hospital unit. He eventually rose to the rank of full colonel later in his career.

Don also maintained a family practice in Mt. Lebanon, was on the staff of several Pittsburgh hospitals and was the team doctor for Mt. Lebanon High School football team for approximately 40 of the 50 years he ministered as a physician.

Over the next five decades, beginning in the mid-1950s, “Doc” transported hundreds of high school athletes from southwestern Pennsylvania to campus for varsity contests, tours and interviews with Grove City College admissions officers and coaches. He was often seen with a notebook full of statistics for every athlete.

The athletic annals include a host of outstanding athletes and record-holders that matriculated because of “Doc” McMillan’s encouragement. He was a tireless recruiter and ambassador for the College and its teams. He followed those he recruited through their college years and beyond, developing lasting friendships with them and their families.

He is a past-president of the College’s Alumni Association, 1958-1960, was chairman of the Association’s Athletic Committee, received the Alumni Achievement Award in 1967 in the Field of Sports, and in 2000, the College named the newly-constructed press box at Robert E. Thorn Field in McMillan’s honor. He passed away December 31, 2002.