Esther Post '25

Esther Post provided 40 years of unparalleled commitment to her alma mater as director of womenís physical education from 1926 to 1966.

Miss Post was born in Erie, Pa., but grew up in Grove City, graduated from Grove City High School and received her bachelorís degree from Grove City College in 1925. She then added a master of arts degree from Columbia University.

The physical education and sports programs under her charge quickly developed into model curricula for similar institutions. 

Under her direction, the College established a varied program of tennis, archery, field hockey, softball, horseback riding, fencing and other sports.  She also organized and conducted classes in modern dancing and began the popular Marquettes, a synchronized drill group.

At retirement, President Stanley Harker had high praise for her implementation of the Womenís Synchronized Swimming Show that had
attracted prominence on campus and throughout the region, along with her life-long commitment to her work.

Miss Post also played a major role in the development of the Girl Scout program in western Pennsylvania. In 1932, she helped organize the first Girl Scout troop in the Grove City area and later served as a consultant for 87 Scout troops in the Commonwealth.

She also advised the CWENS and Alpha Theta Mu, organized the Outing Club, served as an instructor for the American Red Cross, and taught survival techniques to the college detachment of the Air Force.

As co-owner and director of Egypt Valley Summer Camp in New York State, she offered summer jobs to her Grove City students.