2nd Period Play-by-Play

  Thiel vs. Grove City
  Date: Oct 22, 2016 • Site: Grove City, Pa.

2nd Period Play-by-Play
 Start of 2nd period [45:00].
 For GRO: #6 Stephen Betteridge, #13 Dale Reese, #19 Franklin Tropiano, #16 David Wurmlinger, #5 Jimmy Hueber, #22 Jon Burton, #11 Tyler Snow, #29 Ben Ungerer, #15 Wade Chapline, #10 Nich Leaman, #1 Bryan Denny.
 For THI: #9 Daniel Patrice, #7 Jordan Lilley, #16 Josh Evjene, #14 Hunter Young, #11 Eric Mitchell, #22 Connor Swatts, #5 Keegan Moss, #8 Zachary Oliver, #6 Cole Duskey, #33 Christian Conrad, #3 Tyler Feciuch.
[45:14]  GOAL by GRO Stephen Betteridge, Assist by Franklin Tropiano, goal number 9 for season.
Grove City 2, Thiel 0
 *cross to shot inside box
 Foul on Thiel.
 Foul on Grove City.
 Foul on Thiel.
[48:32]  GOAL by GRO Jon Burton, Assist by Dale Reese and Stephen Betteridge, goal number 4 for season.
Grove City 3, Thiel 0
 Foul on Thiel.
[49:31]  Yellow card on THI Daniel Patrice.
 Corner kick by GRO Dale Reese [50:09].
[50:19]  Shot by GRO Nich Leaman BLOCKED.
[51:35]  Offside against Grove City.
[53:05]  THI substitution: Josh Ross for Connor Swatts.
[53:05]  GRO substitution: Brooks Thomas for Dale Reese.
[53:05]  GRO substitution: Drew Cypher for Nich Leaman.
[53:05]  GRO substitution: Connor Snow for Tyler Snow.
[53:05]  GRO substitution: Connor Roggie for Wade Chapline.
[53:05]  GRO substitution: Blake Baer for Jimmy Hueber.
 Corner kick by GRO David Wurmlinger [54:47].
[54:52]  Shot by GRO Jon Burton BLOCKED.
 Corner kick by GRO David Wurmlinger [55:05].
[56:18]  Shot by THI Zachary Oliver WIDE LEFT.
[56:54]  Shot by THI Daniel Patrice, SAVE Bryan Denny.
 Foul on Thiel.
 Foul on Thiel.
[59:56]  Shot by GRO Stephen Betteridge BLOCKED.
[60:20]  THI substitution: Connor Swatts for Eric Mitchell.
[60:20]  GRO substitution: Christian Caporaso for Stephen Betteridge.
[60:20]  GRO substitution: Nate Curry for David Wurmlinger.
[60:20]  GRO substitution: Noah Esbenshade for Jon Burton.
[60:20]  GRO substitution: Peter Tobias for Franklin Tropiano.
 Foul on Grove City.
[63:09]  THI substitution: Tyler Novak for Hunter Young.
[64:32]  Shot by THI Zachary Oliver WIDE.
[66:07]  THI substitution: Frank Jackson for Zachary Oliver.
[66:07]  GRO substitution: Alec Gehman for Ben Ungerer.
[66:07]  GRO substitution: Joe DeAugustino for Connor Snow.
 Foul on Grove City.
 Foul on Grove City.
 Corner kick by GRO Peter Tobias [70:00].
[70:44]  Shot by GRO Nate Curry WIDE.
[70:52]  THI substitution: Eric Mitchell for Josh Ross.
[71:29]  Shot by GRO Peter Tobias, SAVE Christian Conrad.
[72:49]  GRO substitution: Ryan King for Blake Baer.
[72:49]  GRO substitution: Justin Lind for Peter Tobias.
[73:46]  THI substitution: Alexander Green for Daniel Patrice.
[73:46]  THI substitution: John Thiel for Jordan Lilley.
[74:01]  Shot by THI Tyler Novak, SAVE Bryan Denny.
 Corner kick by THI Frank Jackson [74:23].
[74:30]  Shot by THI John Thiel, SAVE Bryan Denny.
 Corner kick by GRO Justin Lind [76:36].
[76:57]  THI substitution: Hunter Young for Cole Duskey.
[83:15]  Shot by GRO Noah Esbenshade, SAVE Christian Conrad.
[83:48]  Yellow card on THI Connor Swatts.
 Foul on Grove City.
[85:09]  Shot by THI Eric Mitchell, SAVE Bryan Denny.
[85:27]  THI substitution: Dominic Gainey for Eric Mitchell.
[85:27]  THI substitution: Christopher Felger for Frank Jackson.
[85:27]  GRO substitution: Dale Reese for Ryan King.
[85:27]  GRO substitution: David Wurmlinger for Nate Curry.
[85:27]  GRO substitution: Nich Leaman for Alec Gehman.
[85:27]  GRO substitution: Stephen Betteridge for Christian Caporaso.
[86:52]  Shot by GRO Dale Reese WIDE.
[87:30]  THI substitution: Luke Lindeman for Josh Evjene.
[88:33]  GOAL by GRO Stephen Betteridge, Assist by David Wurmlinger, goal number 10 for season.
Grove City 4, Thiel 0
[89:13]  Offside against Grove City.
 End of period [90:00].