2nd Period Play-by-Play

  Thomas More vs. Grove City
  Date: Nov 01, 2016 • Site: Grove City, PA

2nd Period Play-by-Play
 Start of 2nd period [45:00].
 For TMC: #1 Jeff Paulin, #15 Alex Panaro, #29 Jacob Hensley, #18 Eli Nienaber, #12 Tim Knauer, #4 Brian Runyon, #10 Colin Dean, #28 Nathaniel Seig, #33 Matthew Spanyer, #11 Ethan Smith, #6 Griffin Garrison.
 For GRO: #1 Bryan Denny, #13 Dale Reese, #31 Blake Baer, #11 Tyler Snow, #29 Ben Ungerer, #6 Stephen Betteridge, #22 Jon Burton, #9 Frank Hueber, #23 Trent Strick, #12 Christian Caporaso, #10 Nich Leaman.
 Foul on Thomas More.
[48:08]  Shot by TMC Nathaniel Seig, SAVE Bryan Denny.
[48:44]  Header Shot by TMC Alex Panaro, SAVE Bryan Denny.
[50:33]  Yellow card on GRO Jon Burton.
 Corner kick by GRO Trent Strick [51:01].
[51:18]  Shot by GRO Dale Reese WIDE RIGHT.
[52:45]  GOAL by GRO Christian Caporaso, Assist by Trent Strick, goal number 10 for season.
Thomas More 2, Grove City 1
 *ball slotted down middle through defense, 12 beat keeper 1-v-1
[53:18]  GRO substitution: David Wurmlinger for Trent Strick.
 Foul on Grove City.
 Corner kick by TMC Ethan Smith [58:22].
[58:33]  Header Shot by TMC Jacob Hensley HIGH.
[58:37]  GRO substitution: Jimmy Hueber for Dale Reese.
[59:58]  Shot by GRO Christian Caporaso HIGH.
[60:12]  TMC substitution: Zane Siemer for Nathaniel Seig.
[60:12]  TMC substitution: Patrick Louis for Ethan Smith.
[60:12]  TMC substitution: Jack Berner for Griffin Garrison.
[61:41]  GRO substitution: Peter Tobias for Blake Baer.
 Foul on Grove City.
 Foul on Thomas More.
[64:18]  GRO substitution: Blake Baer for Jon Burton.
[64:18]  GRO substitution: Franklin Tropiano for Christian Caporaso.
[64:59]  Shot by TMC Patrick Louis HIGH.
[65:04]  TMC substitution: Rob Augspurger for Brian Runyon.
[65:45]  GRO substitution: Dale Reese for Stephen Betteridge.
 Foul on Grove City.
[68:27]  TMC substitution: Jeremy Staigl for Jack Berner.
[70:08]  GRO substitution: Jon Burton for Peter Tobias.
 Corner kick by GRO Dale Reese [70:34].
 Corner kick by TMC Eli Nienaber [73:04].
 Foul on Thomas More.
[73:30]  GRO substitution: Stephen Betteridge for Franklin Tropiano.
 Foul on Grove City.
[75:04]  TMC substitution: Brian Runyon for Patrick Louis.
[75:04]  GRO substitution: Christian Caporaso for David Wurmlinger.
[75:04]  GRO substitution: Drew Cypher for Tyler Snow.
[76:48]  Shot by TMC Rob Augspurger BLOCKED.
[76:52]  TMC substitution: Nathaniel Seig for Zane Siemer.
 Foul on Grove City.
 Foul on Thomas More.
[79:57]  TMC substitution: Ethan Smith for Rob Augspurger.
[79:57]  TMC substitution: Griffin Garrison for Jeremy Staigl.
[79:57]  GRO substitution: Trent Strick for Jimmy Hueber.
 Foul on Grove City.
 Foul on Thomas More.
[82:50]  Header Shot by GRO Trent Strick WIDE LEFT.
[84:07]  Yellow card on TMC Nathaniel Seig.
 Foul on Grove City.
 Foul on Thomas More.
[85:50]  TMC substitution: Jack Berner for Ethan Smith.
[86:23]  Shot by TMC Griffin Garrison, SAVE Bryan Denny.
 Corner kick by TMC Brian Runyon [86:35].
 Foul on Thomas More.
 End of period [90:00].