OT2 Period Play-by-Play

  Waynesburg vs. Grove City
  Date: Nov 04, 2014 • Site: Grove City, Pa.

OT2 Period Play-by-Play
 Start of OT2 period [100:00].
[100:44]  Shot by GRO Stephen Betteridge, SAVE Brandon Daughtry.
[101:19]  Shot by GRO Seth Loew, SAVE Brandon Daughtry.
 Foul on Grove City.
[102:15]  Offside against Waynesburg.
[102:53]  GOAL by GRO Stephen Betteridge, Assist by David Wurmlinger.
Grove City 2, Waynesburg 1
 *16 slots ball through to 6 along right, shot rt foot inside lf post
 End of period [102:53].