First occupied for competition in January 1989, the Grove City Competition Pool is home of the Men's and Women's Swimming and Water Polo Teams.  The facility is reserved solely for the use of the athletes on those teams.

The features of the James E Longnecker Pool include:
  Eight competition lanes
  A shallow end of 7 feet
  An eight lane electronic Colorado Timing System
    An eight lane electronic Colorado Timing System
    Includes electronic timing and relay judging in each lane
    Scoreboard features eight lines for results, three lines for event/heat and scoring, and one scrolling line showing lane by lane results
    Programmed for individualized practice workouts
  Five Power Rack Stations
  Two 1 Meter Diving Boards
  One 3 Meter Diving Board

James E Longnecker Pool Statistics:
      25 yards by 56 feet
      Holds 408,913 gallons of water
      First Swimming Competition - January 25, 1989
           Men - Grove City 90 - Mercyhurst 48
           Women - Grove City 50 - Mercyhurst 125

Since the Longnecker Pool is an all deep facility it can be used to host many Water Polo events that are restricted from shallow-deep facilities.

Grove City College Competitive Pool has been the home of the PAC Swimming and Diving Championships since 1990.

Competition Pool Records - Men  Women