Directions for Diving Web Entry System


Be advised – you must be patient with the web site as it processes the data that you enter!


  1. Go to either or click on Diving Entries under Meet Files for Invitationals on the Men’s or Women’s Swimming pages at


  1. Register yourself – be sure to remember the email address you use and the password you provide – they will be your username and password!


  1. After you log in, click on the green box next to the appropriate meet.  The meet will become highlighted and a black triangle will appear in the green box.


  1. The contest password is “flipper” – you will not be able to complete your entries without this password.


  1. Under the logo for the diving software is the menu bar


  1. Under the Centers drop down menu choose Athlete
    1. Click on new athlete
    2. Fill in the necessary information for the athlete and click Save Changes – be patient, this is one of the options that may take time to process.  After every athlete you will return to the main Athletes page.  If you feel the page is taking too long hit refresh in your toolbar and click cancel next to save changes
    3. Repeat for each diver


  1. After your athletes are registered choose Entry under the Centers Drop down menu
    1. Click on the athlete you want to work on
    2. Choose the event you are entering (top right hand box)
    3. Type in the Dive Number (ex. 103C) under Dive # - the description and DD will automatically fill in
    4. When you are finished click Save and Validate – If you have a legal entry the red X’s will have changed to green checkmarks
    5. Repeat for each board (if necessary) and each diver


  1. After you have completed your entries choose Reports in the menu bar
    1. Click Entry Summary Report and print the page that opens – this is your verification of your entries.  Bring this page with you to the meet.