File Download Directions

1.  Left Click on the file you wish to download

2.  A download window will open similar to the one pictured - choose Save

3. Do not change the filename.  Make a notation of where you are saving the file!!!   You can find the location by clicking on the Save in: drop down menu.  Click the Save button.


4.  Open the appropriate software package (Team Manager II Lite, Team Manager, or Meet Manager)

5.  Click on File in upper left hand corner

6.  Click on Import (Team Manager ) or Restore (Meet Manager) in drop down box

7.  Click on the option you would like to import (ex. Meet Events)

8.  Import screen comes up.  In Look in:  you will need to find the place where you saved the file.  This file will be a zip file which is self extracting after you click on it and follow instructions.

9.  Double click the appropriate file.  You will now have the information for the invite.