1st Period Play-by-Play

  Westminster vs. Grove City
  Date: 2-20-19  • Site: Grove City, Pa. - Grove City Coll. Arena

1st Period Play-by-Play
09:40GROGOOD! LAYUP by Laura BuchananGRO 2 - WES 0(GRO by 2)
  ASSIST by Jordan McConnell
09:15WESGOOD! LAYUP by Jackie MathewsGRO 2 - WES 2Tied
09:00GROMISSED LAYUP by Jess Bowen
  REBOUND (DEF) by Magen Polczynski
07:58WESMISSED LAYUP by Kayla Bennett
  REBOUND (DEF) by Kate Balcom
07:35GROMISSED 3 PTR by Jordan McConnell
07:35WESFOUL by Alazia Greaves (P1)
  REBOUND (DEF) by Kayla Bennett
07:31GROMISSED JUMPER by Jess Bowen
  REBOUND (DEF) by Jackie Mathews
07:19WESMISSED JUMPER by Kayla Bennett
07:19GROBLOCK by Laura Buchanan
  REBOUND (DEF) by Laura Buchanan
07:14GROFOUL by Jess Bowen (P1)
07:14WESMISSED JUMPER by Kayla Bennett
  REBOUND (OFF) by Kayla Bennett
07:08WESGOOD! JUMPER by Kayla Bennett (in the paint)WES 4 - GRO 2(WES by 2)
06:51GROGOOD! 3 PTR by McKenzie BlackGRO 5 - WES 4(GRO by 1)
  ASSIST by Jordan McConnell
06:34WESMISSED 3 PTR by Jackie Mathews
  REBOUND (DEF) by Jess Bowen
06:23GROTURNOVR by Jordan McConnell
06:21WESSTEAL by Magen Polczynski
06:17WESMISSED LAYUP by Emily Fromknecht
  REBOUND (OFF) by Magen Polczynski
06:14WESGOOD! LAYUP by Alazia Greaves (fastbreak)WES 6 - GRO 5(WES by 1)
  ASSIST by Magen Polczynski
05:56GROGOOD! JUMPER by Kate Balcom (in the paint)GRO 7 - WES 6(GRO by 1)
05:45WESTURNOVR by Jackie Mathews
05:35GROMISSED LAYUP by Jess Bowen
  REBOUND (OFF) by Sedona Campbell
05:33GROMISSED LAYUP by Sedona Campbell
  REBOUND (DEF) by Kayla Bennett
05:18WESTURNOVR by Magen Polczynski
05:18GROSTEAL by Kate Balcom
05:18WESFOUL by Kayla Bennett (P1)
05:05GROGOOD! LAYUP by Jess BowenGRO 9 - WES 6(GRO by 3)
04:39WESTURNOVR by Emily Fromknecht
04:28GROMISSED JUMPER by Kate Balcom
  REBOUND (OFF) by Allison Podkul
04:21GROGOOD! 3 PTR by McKenzie BlackGRO 12 - WES 6(GRO by 6)
  ASSIST by Allison Podkul
03:56WESGOOD! LAYUP by Kayla BennettGRO 12 - WES 8(GRO by 4)
  ASSIST by Emily Fromknecht
03:47WESFOUL by Kayla Bennett (P2)
03:18GROTURNOVR by Gretchen Elsey
03:14WESGOOD! LAYUP by Brooke Lyczek (fastbreak)GRO 12 - WES 10(GRO by 2)
  ASSIST by Magen Polczynski
03:00GROGOOD! LAYUP by Laura BuchananGRO 14 - WES 10(GRO by 4)
  ASSIST by Jess Bowen
02:42WESTURNOVR by Aliya Gage
02:42GROSTEAL by Gretchen Elsey
02:38WESFOUL by Francesca Sicari (P1)
02:23GROGOOD! LAYUP by Kate BalcomGRO 16 - WES 10(GRO by 6)
02:10WESMISSED 3 PTR by Aliya Gage
  REBOUND (DEF) by Allison Podkul
02:05WESFOUL by Aliya Gage (P1)
02:05GROGOOD! FT SHOT by Allison PodkulGRO 17 - WES 10(GRO by 7)
02:05GROGOOD! FT SHOT by Allison PodkulGRO 18 - WES 10(GRO by 8)
02:00WESTURNOVR by Francesca Sicari
01:59GROSTEAL by Kate Balcom
01:41GROGOOD! JUMPER by Allison Podkul (in the paint)GRO 20 - WES 10(GRO by 10)
01:33WESTURNOVR by Magen Polczynski
01:32GROSTEAL by Kate Balcom
01:32GROGOOD! LAYUP by Kate Balcom (fastbreak)GRO 22 - WES 10(GRO by 12)
01:19WESTURNOVR by Jackie Mathews
01:18GROSTEAL by Kate Balcom
00:59GROMISSED LAYUP by Sedona Campbell
00:45GROTURNOVR by McKenzie Black
00:31WESTURNOVR by Brooke Lyczek
00:12GROMISSED 3 PTR by Jess Bowen
  REBOUND (DEF) by Jackie Mathews
00:06WESTURNOVR by Jackie Mathews
00:05GROSTEAL by Kate Balcom
00:01GROTURNOVR by Kate Balcom