1st Period Play-by-Play

  Penn State Behrend vs. Grove City
  Date: Sep 19, 2018 • Site: Grove City, Pa.

1st Period Play-by-Play
[00:00]  Madi Jones at goalie for Penn State Behrend.
[00:00]  Columbia Harkrader at goalie for Grove City.
 Foul on Penn State Behrend.
 Corner kick by BEH Ashlyn Whipple [12:21].
[12:25]  Shot by BEH Brenna McGuire HIGH.
 Foul on Penn State Behrend.
[16:29]  GRO substitution: Lizzy Swoboda for Hannah Bernstein.
 Corner kick by BEH Laura Schaefer [17:45].
[23:59]  GOAL by GRO Ruby Mattson (FIRST GOAL), Assist by Maggie Williams.
Grove City 1, Penn State Behrend 0
 *Give and go in box, sliding kick past goalie
[26:06]  BEH substitution: Payton Porter for Ashlyn Whipple.
 Foul on Penn State Behrend.
[28:06]  Shot by GRO Krista Heckman WIDE RIGHT.
[28:09]  BEH substitution: Jordan Trama for Katie Wotus.
[28:09]  BEH substitution: Haley Huber for Lexie Frank.
[28:43]  GOAL by GRO Maggie Williams, Assist by Krista Heckman.
Grove City 2, Penn State Behrend 0
 *Pass out to right wing, blast from 20 yards
 Foul on Penn State Behrend.
[31:10]  GRO substitution: Katherine Reese for Maggie Williams.
[31:10]  GRO substitution: Shannon Brawley for Michaela Burke.
[31:10]  GRO substitution: Jess Book for Anna WIlliams.
 Foul on Penn State Behrend.
[34:40]  GRO substitution: Katie Stonkus for Ruby Mattson.
 Foul on Grove City.
[36:35]  Shot by BEH Brenna McGuire, SAVE Columbia Harkrader.
[37:12]  BEH substitution: Madison Whipple for Brenna McGuire.
[37:12]  GRO substitution: Meredith Balsbaugh for Ryleigh Lefever.
[37:12]  GRO substitution: Tirzah Lloyd for Colleen Zilka.
[37:35]  GRO substitution: Jacqui Netschert for Krista Heckman.
[39:10]  Shot by BEH Jordan Trama HIGH.
[39:23]  GRO substitution: Morgan Vensel for Claire Kocur.
[42:33]  Shot by BEH Laura Schaefer, SAVE Columbia Harkrader.
[42:59]  Offside against Penn State Behrend.
 End of period [45:00].