1st Period Play-by-Play

  Juniata vs. Grove City
  Date: Nov 13, 2013 • Site: Grove City, Pa.

1st Period Play-by-Play
[00:00]  Erin Mueller at goalie for Juniata.
[00:00]  Tiffany Yost at goalie for Grove City.
[02:00]  GOAL by GRO Becky McManus (FIRST GOAL).
Grove City 1, Juniata 0
 *Beat defender, pulled keeper out, open net goal
[04:41]  GOAL by GRO Becky McManus, Assist by Chelsea Tarolli.
Grove City 2, Juniata 0
 *#9 down the right endline, cross to #12
[08:06]  GOAL by GRO Sam Weber.
Grove City 3, Juniata 0
[08:38]  Shot by JUN Lauren Liacouras WIDE.
[09:07]  Shot by JUN Molly Sellars, SAVE Tiffany Yost.
[11:08]  Shot by GRO Sam Weber, SAVE Erin Mueller.
 Foul on Juniata.
[11:38]  Shot by GRO Sarah Cessar, SAVE Erin Mueller.
 Corner kick by GRO Sarah Cessar [12:16].
[12:50]  Shot by GRO Shannon Bishop WIDE RIGHT.
[13:59]  JUN substitution: Emily Green for Jennifer Graves.
[15:43]  Shot by JUN Shayna King, SAVE Tiffany Yost.
[17:56]  Header Shot by GRO Sam Weber WIDE.
[18:26]  Shot by GRO Sam Weber WIDE.
[20:43]  Shot by GRO Shannon Bishop, SAVE Erin Mueller.
[21:59]  JUN substitution: Sarah Rhodes for Rose Lucidi.
[21:59]  GRO substitution: Holly Spofford for Sam Weber.
[21:59]  GRO substitution: Sarah Flenniken for Shannon Bishop.
[21:59]  GRO substitution: Kristin Thomas for Chelsea Tarolli.
[24:01]  JUN substitution: Devin Kos for Molly Sellars.
[27:07]  JUN substitution: Taylor Garraffa for Lauren Liacouras.
[28:50]  Shot by JUN Emily Green, SAVE Tiffany Yost.
[29:32]  GRO substitution: Jordyn White for Abby Mathes.
[29:32]  JUN substitution: Michaela Lacek for Jenna Rodrigue.
[30:16]  Shot by GRO Jordyn White WIDE.
[34:34]  GOAL by GRO Becky McManus, Assist by Kristin Thomas, goal number 11 for season.
Grove City 4, Juniata 0
[34:34]  GRO substitution: Madison Zajicek for Sarah Cessar.
[38:05]  GRO substitution: Sammie Wild for Becky McManus.
[38:35]  GRO substitution: Nikki Youngs for Lydia Caissy.
 End of period [45:00].