2nd Period Play-by-Play

  Marywood vs. Grove City
  Date: Nov 11, 2015 • Site: Grove City, Pa.

2nd Period Play-by-Play
 Start of 2nd period [45:00].
 For MRY: #15 Bruster, Brianna, #18 Kruchinsky, Ashley, #22 Swiecicki, Megan, #4 Warner, Allison, #33 Youngman, Julie, #34 Roos, Maci, #9 Dailey, McKenzie, #6 Kotcho, Emily, #8 Barlok, Aly, #3 Carlson, Elizabeth, #14 Rill, Danielle.
 For GRO: #7 Claire Kocur, #13 Madison Zajicek, #28 Jordyn White, #4 Emily Flenniken, #18 Abby Mathes, #25 Lindsay Hutton, #16 Katherine Kouzelos, #6 Sammie Wild, #12 Megan Van Kirk, #5 Kristin Thomas, #0 Nicole Lapia.
[49:23]  Shot by GRO Kristin Thomas, SAVE Youngman, Julie.
 breakaway, kick save by keeper
 Corner kick by GRO Jordyn White [49:57].
 Foul on Marywood.
 Foul on Grove City.
[53:47]  Shot by MRY Swiecicki, Megan BLOCKED.
[54:09]  MRY substitution: Lindquist, Sam for Kruchinsky, Ashley.
[55:12]  Shot by GRO Megan Van Kirk, SAVE Youngman, Julie.
[56:27]  MRY substitution: Bechtle, Paige for Warner, Allison.
 Foul on Marywood.
[58:18]  Shot by GRO Lindsay Hutton WIDE LEFT.
[59:13]  MRY substitution: Woodhouse, Rachelle for Bruster, Brianna.
[59:13]  MRY substitution: Cicale, Brooke for Carlson, Elizabeth.
[61:16]  Shot by GRO Katherine Kouzelos WIDE LEFT.
[61:23]  GRO substitution: Krista Heckman for Katherine Kouzelos.
[62:20]  GOAL by GRO Sammie Wild, goal number 7 for season.
Grove City 3, Marywood 0
 *beat defender 20 yards out, blast from 12 past keeper inside lt. post
[63:59]  Shot by GRO Kristin Thomas, SAVE Youngman, Julie.
[64:03]  Shot by GRO Megan Van Kirk BLOCKED.
[64:59]  GRO substitution: Lacy Harkrader for Sammie Wild.
[64:59]  GRO substitution: Elena Guerra for Kristin Thomas.
[66:30]  MRY substitution: Gerbehy, Emily for Bechtle, Paige.
[67:26]  Offside against Grove City.
[68:49]  GOAL by GRO Megan Van Kirk, Assist by Elena Guerra, goal number 5 for season.
Grove City 4, Marywood 0
 *cross from right endline stopped by keeper right to 12 for finish
[69:25]  Shot by GRO Elena Guerra, SAVE Youngman, Julie.
[68:49]  GRO substitution: Natalie Silk for Megan Van Kirk.
[69:59]  Offside against Grove City.
[70:49]  Shot by GRO Lacy Harkrader BLOCKED.
 Foul on Marywood.
[71:48]  Header GOAL by GRO Krista Heckman, Assist by Abby Mathes, goal number 4 for season.
Grove City 5, Marywood 0
 *header inside right post off free kick
[71:56]  MRY substitution: Graves, Katelyn for Cicale, Brooke.
[71:56]  MRY substitution: Shannon, Kelly for Woodhouse, Rachelle.
[72:23]  Offside against Grove City.
[74:09]  MRY substitution: Kotcho, Emily for Lindquist, Sam.
[74:09]  GRO substitution: Sydney Dunn for Emily Flenniken.
[74:09]  GRO substitution: Elizabeth Donahoe for Claire Kocur.
[74:09]  GRO substitution: Kelsey Patton for Madison Zajicek.
[74:09]  GRO substitution: Ellen Benbow for Krista Heckman.
[75:35]  Trisha Winters at goalie for Grove City.
[76:31]  GRO substitution: Corrine La France for Elena Guerra.
[77:10]  Shot by GRO Lacy Harkrader WIDE RIGHT.
 Corner kick by GRO Jordyn White [78:07].
[78:55]  MRY substitution: Cicale, Brooke for Gerbehy, Emily.
 Corner kick by GRO Ellen Benbow [80:29].
[80:35]  Shot by GRO Sydney Dunn HIGH.
[82:15]  Shot by MRY Warner, Allison, SAVE Trisha Winters.
[88:21]  Shot by GRO Lindsey Reichert, SAVE Youngman, Julie.
[89:04]  Shot by GRO Lacy Harkrader, SAVE Youngman, Julie.
 End of period [90:00].