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"Student View"
by Andy Drabic
Through the Eyes of a Grove City College Student

January 29th through February 15th.


Photo of the Week

The Grove City College cheerleaders do a midair split.


Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Michael Mullen spoke at the Pew Memorial Lecture.



Senior Ryan Gibson is presented with a ball commemorating his 1000th point by Dr. Richard Jewell, school president, and Dr. Donald Lyle, athletic director.


Sophomore Christine Slater dribbles around an enemy.

Former CIA Director Herb Meyer has a conversation with Dr. Paul Kengor at the 3rd Annual Ronald Regan Lecture for the Center for Vision & Values.

At an alternative chapel, two scholars discuss the Emergent Church.
Senior Joe McCoy gets some air as he scores two points.

Senior Raeann Szelong passes the ball downcourt.

The cheerleaders do a routine during a timeout.


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