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 Dr. Schaeffer took advantage of the warm weather this week and brought his class out for this afternoon lecture.




Hello everybody. Welcome to another edition of Our View.  This week we will show pictures from Grove City College's rendition of Whose Line is it Anyway and this year's Faculty Follies.  Whose Line is it Anyway was presented by the Alpha Beta Tau sorority to raise money for the Red Box Missions fund. Faculty Follies, an event that has been taking place on campus for over thirty years, gives students the chance to see their professors' personalities outside of the classroom. This year's event was titled "The Office". We hope you enjoy the pictures.

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Dr. Jones played the host of "Dancing with the Engineering Stars" while Dr. Anderson, Dr. Bright, and Dr. Bardy competed for the title. Dr. Anderson and Dr. Bright couldn't quite calculate how to keep up with Dr. Bardy though, and he was named the dancing star of the engineering department.


Dr. Fleming and Dr. Sparks reinvented the "The Great Karnac" from the Johnny Carson Show with jokes only Grove City College students could fully appreciate.


Dr. Ayers soothed the crowd with the blues classic "You Got to Move."


Students and faculty acted out scenes from the office during setup time. Andy Leuenberger acted the part of Michael Scott, the irritating office manager. Dr. Bibza hosted the event, and is pictured here questioning 'Michael' about the lack of performance at his office.



Will Keller kept the bass line while Bonnie Schaeffer and Dr. Ketler performed a selection of songs on their six-strings.
Rachel Wagner had to give a press release on an event she didn't know about based on questions asked by the reporters, Tyler Parafinik, David Britton, and Chris Capitolo during the GCC version of "Press Conference."


Kevin Sandell, Michael York, and Alan Gustafson played bachelors during "Dating Game."


Brian Sandell, who played the part of host, Drew Carey, ended the show with a "Hoe Down" about dating at Grove City along with contestants, Phil Gross, Chris Recio, and Elle Molinari.


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