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Adam Bloom catches a Frisbee as he and some friends play on the upper quad one sunny day last week. We’ve had beautiful weather this year, and most of the student population has taken advantage of it through many outdoor activities.




Hello and welcome to another week here at Our View. This week we saw beautiful weather and with the beautiful weather, consequently, came Brian's Spring Allergies.  So while Brian was inside with a tissue box and a bottle of Benadryl, Chelsea was able to take a whole bunch of awesome pictures of people enjoying the Sun.  Brian grew jealous.  But then, at the exact moment when Brian thought he would seriously die from this pollen explosion, the heavens opened up and rain washed the pollen away.  Brian was healed and celebrated by going to a Cello recital and then a play called HONK!  Hurray, everything was back to normal!.  We hope you like the pictures from this week.  P.S. If you have allergies like Brian and the sheer sight of bright and shiny spring weather will make you sneeze and your eyes swell up you might want to skip down to the last few pictures.  Enjoy.
Brian St. Aubin
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Chelsea Cordell
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Students have started up a daily Four-Square game which has attracted many students on our campus, even some prospective students and their parents have played! It so much fun to play this simple game with friends and everyone can be good at it!



Many students have gotten involved in the efforts to raise money and awareness of the war in Uganda through Invisible Children. MTV came to campus at the beginning of this semester to spread the word on what some US teens had discovered in the African nation. In this photo, students set up a giant seesaw in order to fundraise money. The sign on the seesaw says “Teeter totter and then Donate”. The students of Grove City College and Slippery Rock University are combining efforts and putting on a benefit concert at Slippery Rock.

Alex Anderson makes an awesome catch while playing Frisbee with Darcy Tyson and Adam Bloom. It was such a gorgeous, cloudless day! Some students are coming out of MAP Dormitory, probably to read and study outside.
 Momma duck, Kara Ley, let out a gasp of pure horror as the Ugly Duckling, Dan Byerly, emerged from his alien shell.  A shrill, nasally HONK! instantly melted momma duck's heart and sent a wave of laughter across the audience.

Along the Ugly Duckling's way, he meets many adventurous friends including Greylag and Dot Goose, played by Doug Baker and Rachel Johnson.  Wise Greylag's elite geese team eventually gets shot down, their feathers falling from the sky onto the crowd, but Greylag survives!



Dr. Birmingham performed a solo in the cello recital on Friday.  The cello is a difficult instrument to master for most but Dr. Birmingham made those strings sing with her natural talent.


Holly Jones, Debra Grden, John McGrath, and Alison Lee played Pachelbel's "Canon" to conclude the cello recital.  Their skill and practice sure would have made Pachelbel proud.





After a rainy, blustery day, Grove City enjoyed a beautiful sunset. Harbison Chapel was framed so nicely by the sunset’s waning colors that it was irresistible for a photo shoot. Just goes to show, there’s always something beautiful about every day that God gives us.


Thank you all for coming to visit our site this week. Next week is the Gala so get ready for some high school prom memories to come back at ya.  Have a great week!

In Christ,

Brian and Chelsea


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