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"Student View"
by Andy Drabic
Through the Eyes of a Grove City College Student

April 16th through April 29th.


Photo of the Week

Coach Chelle Fuss has the water jug dumped on her after the Alumni v. Varsity softball game.


Esteemed economics professor and Grove City College trustee Dr. Walter Williams speaks at the annual Vision & Values conference.



Pitcher Kyle Silk delivers the ball to home plate.


Megan Markley flies over a hurdle at a track meet against Westminster.

The Duchess silences the white rabbit in the play Alice in Wonderland.

Dr. DiQuattro is carried out to be creeked by his fellow professors as Dr. Gary Smith cheers on from behind.
An IM volleyball player spikes the ball over the net.

The Grove City softball team works with the Penn State Behrend team to pull the tarp over the field in the rain.

A peasant is kneed during a skit at Faculty Follies by a professor portraying Stalin.

An armada of rubber ducks is lined up for a pep talk at the Ducky Derby on Wolf Creek.

Andrew Patterson turns a double play!

The Grove City steeplechase runner splashes down.

Michael Medved does his three hour radio program from the Hall of Arts and Letters Atrium during the Vision & Values conference.

The White Rabbit is late, late for a very important date in the Children's Theatre play, Alice in Wonderland.

One of the IM volleyball stars stretches up to spike the ball.



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