EOS Digital Rebel


"Student View"
by Andy Drabic
Through the Eyes of a Grove City College Student

August 21st through August 27th.

Welcome Week 2008

Photo of the Week

The freshman bonfire shoots off sparks.


Kait Garcia returns the ball to her opponent.



RA Jason Kish helps move in a freshman.


A water balloon bursts at the Co-Rec games.

A freshman participates in a danceoff at the Graffiti Dance.

Two freshman had fun at the Orientation Board carnival.
A RA participates in a skit at the Orientation Board On Broadway show.

RA Leslie welcomes an incoming freshman into Grove City College.

The fire burns into the sky while people sing around it.

At OB On Broadway two members parody the Olympic Gymnists.

A girl gets her face painted at the OB Carnival.

Students play Duck, Duck, Goose before an outdoor movie is shown.

The football team runs a preseason drill.


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