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"Student View"
by Andy Drabic
Through the Eyes of a Grove City College Student

August 28st through September 13th.


Photo of the Week

Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin shakes hands with supporters at a rally that the Grove City College Republicans went to..


Lauren Woodring saves the ball from going out of bounds.



The opening kickoff is received at the first home game.


One of the Gamma Sigma sorority members creeks their sweetheart.

Two freshman hall RAs dress up as chefs for a hall dinner.

Marquette Emily Greider performs with the band before the football game.
Kait Garcia returns the ball to her opponent.

Dr. Bardy gets creeked by some of his Mechanical Engineering students after he got engaged.

Matt Kennedy tackles the enemy running back.

Matt Sol steals the ball from his opponent.

Stephanie Wild battles for the ball.


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