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"Student View"
by Andy Drabic
Through the Eyes of a Grove City College Student

September 13th through October 8th.


Photo of the Week

Rays of sun shine from behind a bank of clouds.


Kait Garcia gets some air while returning the ball at a tennis match.



Emily Ostlund gets her head into the game.


The root beer keg was a favorite at the German-themed Hickstoberfest.

Fireworks burst over the football field after a victory!

Brian Mercer goes in for a touchdown!
A Men's Soccer player shoots at the goal during a 2-0 victory.

A band plays for the swing dancing at Northern Hospitality; a freshman mixer dance.

An Army National Guard AH-64 Apache Helicopter lands on the upper quad as part of the Career Fair.

Emily Ostlund fights for possession.

Jake Sims dances at Northern Hospitality.

The Grove City College Marching Band leads the way down to the night football game.

Rockets' red glare!

Erich Beyer shoots on the goal.

Ed Reith receives the kickoff with Butch Kriger backing him up.

Senior Tamara Nations slams the ball back to her opponent.

The ultimate battle for ultimate strength is decided at Hickstoberfest.


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